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Finally!  It felt like we had been waiting FOREVER for Maressa and Zac’s wedding day to get here and now that it finally happened I can confidently say with pride: It was every bit as AMAZING as we thought it would be!  Maressa has long been a big “fan” of ours and a huge encourager to us.  And the day we met Zac, we knew why Maressa was crazy about him…because we were too!  Such a great couple.  So we desperately wanted to “hit one out of the park” for their wedding day now that it was their turn.  We love everything about Maressa and Zac and we hope they love everything about their wedding pictures!


Love all Maressa and Zac’s fun details.  From her shoe choice, to their colors, to her super creative and cute gift to her groom.  Job well done.

Maressa, your smile.  Perfect.

I love how much you love to laugh.  Seriously, it’s my favorite.

You.  Are.  Gorgeous.

One of the MANY reasons why I love a first look is that you never know what emotion you are going to get.  For Zac and Maressa it was over-whelming joy!  I love how they laughed, hugged, smiled and cherished every second of this moment!

The socks and shoes?!?!  Are you kidding me?!?!  How awesome are these two?!?!

We really do have so much fun with our bride and grooms.  And the best way that it pays off…the picture on the right.


So you guys are awesome….just FYI.

Zac, you are definitely the coolest.

Blue eyes for days…DAYS!!!

Such a FUN group.

How could we not LOVE these two?!

Ummmm….cutest idea EVER.

We had plenty of pictures after our time at Anchorage Trail.  But when you have this light, Duncan Memorial, and these AWESOME two people….how could we resist?!?!

Obviously we have seen plenty of cake cutting/toasts/cake smashes.  But this one may just top them all!  Maressa and Zac were super sweet with a simple little cake sharing…mess free.  Little did they know that their siblings had a different plan in mind.  Out of no where, Maressa and Zac were attacked with cupcakes!!!  (see bottom right picture)  But never fear …Maressa got her revenge!  So hilarious!

Still smiles after all the “fun”!

Maressa and her dad opted for a sweet, beautiful, traditional first dance.  Zac and his mom totally rocked a surprise choreographed dance for everyone’s entertainment.  Both were perfect for Maressa and Zac’s day!

Ain’t nothing wrong with a little “dance off!”

We had such a great time documenting your guys’ wedding day.  We love everything about who you guys are on your own and even more so as newlyweds!  Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of such a special day.  We wish you a lifetime of happiness!

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