Trevor & Amanda: MARRIED! | Elizabethtown Wedding Photographers

We went into this wedding knowing the groom, but not the bride.  That is VERY rare.  Trevor was a groomsman in a wedding we shot a while back, and upon his recommendation to his beautiful bride Amanda, we became their choice for photography as well!  And we were so excited!  We always love seeing our “old” couples again, but when we get to meet great new couples like Amanda and Trevor in the process…it’s always a huge bonus!

Amanda, you’re gorgeous.  It’s pretty simple, you’re stunning, funny, sweet, and generous…OF COURSE Trevor fell in love with you.  And I know it took you guys a while to get past the “friendship” stage of your guy’s relationship, but judging from everyone’s comments and the speeches…they all know from day one that it was just a matter of time before you two took the plunge.

Trevor is full of passion, spirit, adventure, and a contagious zest for life.  He makes Amanda laugh like no other and she freely admits she is a better version of herself when she’s on Trevor’s arm.

We loved your guy’s wedding.  We loved your spirits.  We love you guys!  Hope you enjoy!

How cool is this?!?!  1912…and still works!


Love this!

Elizabethton, KY

Thank you guys so much!  We wish you guys a lifetime of happiness, laughter and love!

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