Sean & Maya: MARRIED! | Louisville Wedding Photography

I can honestly say that I have never been more excited or proud to show off the following images.  I really believe that this is probably some of our best work ever.  Maya and Sean were just amazing people who have a beautiful love for each other and everyone around them.  Hearing the speeches, and general banter from everyone around them , it was obvious that these two love and are deeply loved and cherished by their family and friends.  They had family and friends literately travel from all across the world to come and celebrate with them.  I normally always have a “favorite” moment from the day, but honestly, I loved every single minute of being around these two.  They laughed, they loved, they had a perfectly beautiful wedding.  I hope they love these images as much as we do.  And since I have talked them up so much….let’s get to it!!!

I wish every bride could get ready in a room like this with such gorgeous light.  Seriously, with Maya amazingly beautiful dress and good looks, and this light, our job was CAKE!

How great is it to have such gorgeous weather in mid-November.  So happy to live in the midwest with gorgeous fall colors and random warm days just when I need them!

This may be the most bridal portraits we have ever posted in a single blog.  But after you see them, I’m pretty sure you’ll have to agree that there was absolutely no way I could trim these down any further.  Maya you are so beautiful!

Sean has the one of the best smiles we have ever seen.  He is so genuine, funny, considerate, kind, and sweet that it just oozes out of him.  Thanks for being AWESOME, Sean!

This bridal party was so much fun!

If I HAD to choose a favorite part of the day, it would have to be the 15 minutes we got right here with them alone.  I seriously could not love these images any more.  I’m only jealous that I don’t have pictures like this from my wedding!  These two are so crazy about each other that we just let them do their own thing and got to enjoy snapping some pictures.  I LOVE how these turned out!

The reception at The Gillespie was set up so nice.  Everything was beautiful!

A candy buffet is becoming quite popular these days.  But I love that Maya and Sean took it one step further and didn’t just pick out candy.  They made sure that everything on the table meant something to them.  They included everything from their siblings favorite candies, to childhood memories of visiting their grandparents and finding what candy they had stashed away!  We LOVED it!


Then the night took off with sweet first dance, Notre Dame fight songs, a special dance her brothers and Sean had choreographed specially for Maya, and lots of other great fun moments!  I hope you guys had the time of your lives!

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