Joshua & Angela: MARRIED! | Crestwood Wedding Photography

Tough pasts, a whirlwind romance, a fairytale wedding, and a fabulous, passionate future ahead.  This perfect describes these two.  They came together out of chance, and immediately fell in love.  From the moment Josh first met Angela, he knew she was exactly everything he never knew he needed.  She makes him smile.  He wants to care and provide for her.  He loves looking ahead to his future now.

Angela just glows when Josh comes around.  When she looks at him, she smiles.  The simple joy she overflows with when she is around him is the exact thing every little girl hopes for when dreaming of her knight in shining armor.  Angela is sure that she has found her prince.  It was pure joy to be around these two on their wedding day.  The kind of love they share is happy, sweet, joyful, bright, forgiving, protecting, hopeful, tusting and perfect.  Their love, this kind of love, will never fail.


You guys know I’m a sucker for a great shoe!


Angela….you’re gorgeous.  Hope Joshua tells you that every day…because he should!


Angela…you got yourself one good lookin’ man there sista!

I LOVED this little chapel.

I love this shot.  It perfectly captures their joy in this day and in each other!  Never stop smiling like this…promise?


(this one’s too good to miss!)

Crestwood, KY

I’m so glad we were able to be a part of this wedding.  This one was extra special for us as it is Elizabeth’s brother.  So we would’ve been there anyway, but to experience the day with our cameras in hand and to be able to capture all of this…truly was our blessing.  I hope you guys will cherish these photos for the next 100 years!  Congratulations!

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