Zac & Maressa: ENGAGED! | Louisville Engagement Photography

Oh how I love these two! They are awesome! From our very first meeting, we hit it off. I think we spent two hours just laughing and swapping stories of love and passion for Colts football!

Maressa is a super sweet, beautiful, funny girl who is in her final semester of nursing school! (WHOO-HOO!) and Zac is an adorable, fun-loving, super hero fan who we just love. We had so much fun getting together with these two. We took them a little (O.K., a lot) out of their city comfort zone and threw them out on a farm. But man on man, we loved the results. Thanks for being a good sport about it guys! Hope you love these pics! Can’t wait for the wedding!

You guys are SUPER adorable!

I love the way they make each other laugh!

I wish I had out-takes of Maressa getting up on this hay-bale.  HILARIOUS!  But she was a tough cookie…did it all on her own.  And I’m so glad she did!

Love this light!

According to them, this is how they spend most of their time.  Haha…her nose in a book.  Him on the edge of his seat to make sure the good guys win again!

And since we were shooting this session in the middle of a Colts game, they couldn’t resist showing off their support!

Zac and his “Wayne” pride and Maressa with her “sassy pants” on made for a lot of fun!

And why not a little live action?

And now she wanted to kiss a different “Wayne.” Bruce Wayne that is!  🙂  (See what I did there?!?!)  LOL

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