Buying camera gear?
It is often argued that the camera doesn’t make the photographer take great art, but rather the photographer makes the camera take great art. As true as this statement is it does help to have the best equipment in the industry at your disposal. Here at All Angles Photography we are shooting with all Nikon gear. If you are thinking about purchasing a new dSLR we would highly recommend Nikon.

Out of all the gear we have purchased we always go back the three stores we trust the most.  B&H Photo Video, and AdoramaAmazon continually get our business because of their great customer service and quick turn around times.  Not only do they offer great customer service but their prices are usually among the lowest.

Tips about Lenses (glass):

1. Stay away from kit lenses.  The camera packages that include two and three lenses sound like a really great deal but in actuality you are getting an inferior product that won’t produce the sharpness you are wanting and just doesn’t hold up as long.  I would usually suggest buying a “body only”, and then picking out the lens you want and that will depend on what you are wanting to shoot.

2.  Don’t get a jack of all trades when talking about focal length.  Generally you won’t find a good quality lens that does everything.  You are better off to get two or three lenses that cover your ideal focal lengths.  It will cost you a bit more but you will be much happier with your end results.

3. USA.  When you are buying lenses, you want to try and buy the ones that are marked USA and not the imported versions.  This article explains it pretty well: USA vs. Imported Lenses


Clients are on a need to know basis and you need to know!

The most important thing our clients need to know is that when you hire us, you are hiring a team that has the right equipment for the job but maybe most important of all is that we have backup equipment as well.

The test of a real professional is not when everything is going as it should, but when something steers the plan off course such as a camera shutter failing, a lens is dropped and breaks, or the flash stops working.  Never fear though as we always arrive with the most reliable gear in the market and we always have backups.