e-session basics


If we had to sum up our engagement sessions (esessions) up into one word, it would be FUN!  We love the opportunity to capture this brief moment of excitement in your lives as you are starting this whole new adventure down a path you will for the rest of your lives be walking together hand in hand.

We spend time laughing and getting to know you and your story all the while taking some awesome photos along the way!  We try and culminate everything of who you are as a couple into our sessions:  clothes, locations, personality, WHATEVER!

So let’s schedule your must-have session today!  K?

Why Do I NEED an Engagement Session?

Well if having a blast, getting gorgeous pictures taken to show off to everybody, and spending some quality snuggle time with your fiancé away from all distractions isn’t enough reason for you…we’ll give you a few more!

The esession is scheduled prior to the big day…which means we have all the opportunity to work together and do the “get-to-know-you “stuff out in a real live shoot.

We know it can be an incredibly intimidating task to ask someone to step in front of the camera and “just be themselves.”  This serves as a great baby-step for those nervous nellies without wasting any time on the wedding day!  And for those who love to ham it up and your current living space is covered floor to ceiling with photos already, this gives you a legitimate way to get that fiancé of yours in front of a lens again.

And the esession will give you tons of opportunities to show off the photos.  Everything from save the dates, invites, wedding websites, ceremony programs, a slideshow, custom designed guests books, local newspapers, centerpieces or gifts to your future in laws are all great ways to put this fun little time to use!

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All of our sessions happen “on location.”  This means you tell us where, and we hop in our car and come to you!  We’ve shot esessions in Lexington, Morehead, Louisville, Shepherdsville, West Lafayette Indiana, Brown County Indiana, Henry County Indiana, all over the place!  Feel free to choose a place that’s special to you guys!  In fact…the more personal the better!  We don’t mind making suggestions, but when you guys pick the location, you tend to be more comfortable from the start.  And we promise, we are good with just about anything!  We have shot on university campuses, parks, downtown, Churchill Downs, backyards; EVERYTHING is fair game!  So bring on the suggestions, we would love to hear them!


Our sessions are all about finding a way to ease the initial awkwardness of being photographed.  Although we will admit that most of our couples come out looking like they are models and they have done this a thousand times before, but understand that we honestly expect things to start out a little rocky.  But don’t worry, after a few clicks of the shutter you’ll find yourself willing to laugh at your own awkwardness, and US, we’ll work through the nerves and get to the “good stuff” pretty quickly.  And we PROMISE you will be looking forward to the next time!

Hiring a photographer is a big decision and whether you made it completely on your own, you booked off the recommendation of a friend, or mommy dearest booked it for you, it is understandable that not only you, but all parties invested in this process will be nervous that they made the right decision.  After seeing your engagement photos…trust us….everyone’s mind will be at ease when the BIG DAY arrives!

Of course there is a direct benefit when it comes to the wedding day.  Once you have completed your engagement session you will have an awesome sense of how we operate and we will be better equipped on how to best serve and jive with you.  This simple understanding can be crucial when light is fading fast, timelines are running behind, or family is screaming at you to hurry up and get to the reception.  We can move through quickly if need be and still have complete confidence in each other that great images are going to come out of it.

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Well of course we can’t really give a set a list here of what to wear otherwise our portfolio would look pretty boring being filled with white shirts and jeans…(LOL)

But if you’ve actually read all this stuff so far, you would see that we highly encourage you guys to express who you are through this process!  We want you to wear what YOU think you should wear.  For every client that may be something a little different.  It could mean a dress and heels with a coordinating shirt and tie or it might be faded blue jeans with his favorite shirt.  Whatever you decide it will be PERFECT…because it is you.

But if you insist on pulling some general guidelines out of us…here ya go:

COMFORTABLE IS KEY!  We do a good bit of moving around – sitting, standing, hugging, kissing, walking, just to name a few.  So you’ll want to stay flexible.  Wear something that you are comfortable in for all angles.

VARIETY!  Feel free to bring a couple of outfits!  We may use them all, or we may narrow it down based on what may fit the “background” best.   But bring lots of options so that way you have the freedom to choose what you feel best in at that moment!  So if you strive for comfort and variety…the rest will fall into place!

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