We Are Movie Stars!

OK…so not really, but you guys should definitely check out this clip. The guys who made this video are so disgustingly talented that it is unbelievable. They’re called Northernlight Filmworks, and lets just say if  any of us are ever married again, renewing our vows, or heck just having a family reunion these guys will be invited! So we beg you….please please please go check out their work. They are simply mind-blowning. They take a whole new approach to wedding videography in fact it is more like cinematography, and just some of the small clips they have posted have brought tears to our eyes. So go….go now and check them out.  Northernlight is currently developing a new website but make sure you hit up the weddings page and you will clearly see why we endorse them so strongly.

Indy Photog Shoot Out from Northernlight Filmworks on Vimeo.

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