We would just like to take a brief moment and wish everyone a happy thanksgiving. We hope you take this time of year to reflect on those most important to you in your life and take an extra second when you hug them this year. We hope you are thankful for the new additions to your family, whether it be friends, new in-laws, babies, or anyone that has made their way into your life this year. Also be sure to pause just for a moment to remember those that are not with you, including those that are sacrificing the opportunity to be with their families on this special day to serve, fight, and protect for your freedom.

We are especially thankful for all of you who have happened to stumble across this small piece of web space in this great big world wide web. We know there are a thousand and one places you could’ve ended up, and we’re glad it was here! So from the bottom of all of our hearts, we say thanks; for you, for today, for this season!



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