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Charlie & Mindy: ENGAGED! | Kentucky Engagement Photography

We are so in love with this session!  We LOVE Charlie & Mindy.  We loved the location.  The light was spot on perfect.  The weather was fabulous.  It was all around perfection.  And we could not have been more happy to be sharing it with Mindy and Charlie.  Charlie is a brilliant, kind, compassionate, funny, […]

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Bob & Lally: ENGAGED! | Louisville Wedding Photographers

sWinter Wonderland?  You betcha!  The temperatures were hovering around a shivering 20 degrees but that didn’t stop us nor this adorable couple from braving the weather and rocking a beautiful engagement session! I’m going to be honest…..I LOVE WINTER SESSIONS!  I mean yes, it is freezing cold.  Yes, you have to trudge around in the snow.  And […]

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Darrick & Marie: MARRIED! | Louisville Wedding Photography

From casual chatter to deep conversations to the toasts, it was obvious to everyone in attendance that these two were destined for this day from early on in their relationship.  Darrick joked throughout the day that it took him a long time to convince Marie that he was the man for her…but judging from the […]

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