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Brandon & Jenna: ENGAGED! | Kentucky Wedding Photography

I loooooooooooooooove this session.  Everything.  Brandon and Jenna are an unbelievably, unrealistically, incredibly, good looking couple, who are hilarious, sweet, loving and kind all wrapped up in one PERFECT package.  They love each other passionately and if anyone was looking for a perfect definition of love….they would look and find this beautiful couple.  AAAAAAHHHHH…..I CAN NOT WAIT […]

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Clayton & Lana: MARRIED!!!

Ok…we are  just going to say it.  We have the absolute, best, funniest, sweetest, most good looking, kind, compassionate, most awesome couples in the world!  We mean really, we have no idea how we keep getting blessed to come across these fabulous people, or why they would choose us to capture their big days….but we […]

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Brian & Jenna: MARRIED!

Finally the day had come.  Brian and Jenna were one of the first engagement session we had ever shot, and we just fell in love with them way back then!  We had been waiting for months and months to finally get to shoot their wedding, and this past Saturday…it had finally come!  Your guy’s day […]

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