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Alex & April: MARRIED! | Indiana Wedding Photography

Two grown kids who are passionately crazy in love with each other.  That’s April and Alex.  Their smiles were uncontainable that day.  As soon as we arrived to start the day, April bounced over to us and gave us a huge hug and couldn’t stop smiling.  It’s when that happens, that we know it’s going […]

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Alex & April: ENGAGED! | Louisville Wedding Photography

Comfortable.  Content.  Happy.  Joyful.  Smitten.  All of these words perfectly describe Alex and April.  They’ve been together for quite some time so it is fitting that they are the epitome of the aforementioned adjectives, but simple love is written all over these two.  They were introduced by a friend, who I say, could not have picked out […]

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David & April: MARRIED!

The long awaited post is finally here!  This is the 2nd edition of our crazy double wedding weekend!  So…here goes! David and April, if you guys weren’t so FREAKIN’ awesome…there would’ve been no way we could’ve made it through the day!  But simply hanging with you guys and your AMAZING bridal party was so much […]

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David and April’s Day in 3 Minutes

So Elizabeth and Raquel like to call Eric and I “the piddlers.” We got this name by constantly changing settings on their camera’s, flashes, etc. just to try and learn different things and figure out how everything works.  At this particular wedding, while we were waiting on the girls at the salon we got this […]

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Sneak Peek….

Just wanted to give you guys a quick tease about what is to come….. Oh…and drooling on your computer probably isn’t  good for it! Joshua & Sarah David & April 😉

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