Allow me to explain:
Crazy booth is not for the faint of heart! But it is TOTALLY for those wild, wacky, CRAZY people who you call friends and family who want to go totally nuts and have it all captured forever in a picture! Crazy booth is all about letting loose and creating the most zany pose you can think of all the while totally disregarding any sense of pride you thought you had.

We come in. We bring the gear. YOU BRING THE AWESOME! Everyone laughs!

We love when brides ask us to break out the crazy booth. It adds a whole other element of excitement and surprise to your wedding day! You will be amazed at what happens when you give people the opportunity to let their hair down (or dawn a wig) and show their creative side! So if this sounds like something you think would be perfect for your big day! Give us a call! We would love bring CRAZY BOOTH to you!rief_cb002rief_cb004rief_cb006rief_cb009rief_cb012rief_cb015rief_cb017rief_cb023rief_cb024rief_cb026rief_cb027rief_cb034rief_cb037

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