Happy Birthday, Brian!

I write this now while you are at work.  You have no idea I had this planned, and you probably will hate me for making such a big deal about it.  Because you’re just, “that guy.”  The guy who hates attention being given to him.  The guy who hates for people to look his way.  The guy who can’t stand recognition.  But the reality is your “my guy.”  I love to make a big deal out of your birthday.  To me it marks another year we have spent together and another year of falling more madly in love with the man who is my best friend and the most amazing father I could ever dream of.

I’m glad that we have spent another year chasing our dreams, breaking a few rules along the way, and living this crazy life together.  I know I get asked all the time how a catch like you ended up with an awkward, loud, crazy girl like me…and well, I honestly don’t have a good answer.  But I consider myself more blessed every day that I get to lay down beside you at night, and wake up next to you each morning.  I am completely undeserving of such a loving, generous, kind, thoughtful, compassionate, strong, godly, and funny man in my life.  You completely exemplify everything I wish I was in my own life.

I love you.  I love watching you be an incredible father to our 2 1/2 children.  I love watching you be an un-wavering friend.  I love watching you serve Jesus with your whole heart.  I love having you as my best friend.  So here’s to you babe….Happy Birthday.  Can’t wait to spend the rest of my life making a big deal out of them for you, because…well…you deserve it!




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courtney - May 4, 2011 - 7:45 pm

happy birthday to brian! and I LOOOOVVVVEE that Christmas Card photo!!! 😀

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