Michael & Merissa: MARRIED! | Louisville Wedding Photography

We simply could not have asked for a better wedding to kick off our 2013 wedding year!  Merissa and Michael had a beautiful day and we were so blessed to be able to be the ones chosen to capture it.  Merissa was absolutely stunning.  She seriously looked like she had been ripped right from the pages of a magazine.  I really feel bad even trying to describe her, because words won’t even come close.  And if her flawless good looks didn’t make you jealous enough, she also happens to be one of the sweetest, kindest, compassionate, funny, loving and generous people we know.  I don’t think she has a single flaw.  What’s even better than that?  Her husband.  Michael has never met a stranger and would give the shirt off of his back to anyone that needed it without even asking why.  Honestly, he is the perfect gentleman in every aspect of the word.  Sometimes I love to just stand back and listen to what the bride and groom’s family and friends say about them on their wedding day when they think no one else is listening.  The things I heard about Michael (and Merissa too) almost brought me to tears.  They, on their own, are amazing people.  But when God put these two together…He must have had some pretty big world-changing plans in mind.  Because these two, together, are remarkable.  They make each other laugh, they challenge each other, they put one another’s needs ahead of their own, and live out a beautiful, sacrificial, trusting, sweet, considerate and perfect kind of love.  We love you guys.  And we know that these pictures can’t even begin to come close to showing off how AWESOME your day is, we hope they at least allow you to re-live it again, and smile.


You know it’s going to be a great day when you walk in and the bride is already glowing like this!

Such sweet handkerchiefs that Merissa had ordered for her parents.  Are you crying yet?  Because I know we were!

Toms shoes on your wedding day?  Yes, please!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE her smile!

The first look…always a favorite moment!

I seriously love you two together.

Their wedding party…in case you were wondering…Yeah, they’re awesome too!

Michael, you’re a stud.

I love the moment when a daddy looks at his little girl and sees her as he is about to give her away.  So much emotion.  I can’t imagine the thoughts racing through his head in this moment.


We loved all of their details!  The Ice House was such a great venue!

The first dance!

Ok…we shoot weddings.  A lot of weddings.  But I have never cried at a father-daughter dance like I did this one.  There is no way pictures could tell the story.  It was beautiful   I feel sorry for everyone who wasn’t there to see it!

Then we were off to party the rest of the night away!

Michael & Merissa: ENGAGED! | Louisville Engagement Photography

We had so much fun on this shoot with Merissa and Michael.  Honestly it took us forever to find a date that worked with all of our crazy schedules and we wanted a little winter scenery to “pretty-fy” up the environment.  But what we got was cloudy skies and 65 degrees.  That didn’t matter one bit though with this sweet couple.  They laughed, they snuggled, they kissed, they made us laugh, and we got some great shots.  I don’t think that a little winter snow could have possibly made this pictures any better.  We had so much fun and can not wait until april so we can hang with you guys again!  Hope you enjoy these!

Family Photo-op

Fun play time!

Michael, try and spend your entire life making her laugh like this.  It’s beautiful!

You guys are so cute!

I love how shy and giggly Merissa gets from just a simple kiss from Michael.  So sweet!

Merissa, you are GORGEOUS!


These last few pictures were actually Michael’s idea…..LOVE THEM.  Don’t go trying to take over my job now, Michael, but you have a pretty good eye!

Charlie & Mindy: MARRIED! | Louisville Wedding Photographer

I am so so so excited to FINALLY show off Mindy and Charlie’s wedding pictures.  Mindy has been a long time friend, supporter and friend of me and All Angles.  I couldn’t be more happy for her and the amazing life she is starting with her wonderful hubby.

Mindy has always been one of the sweetest and most kind people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  I didn’t think it would ever be possible for her to find someone to love her they way she deserves to be loved.  But then came Charlie.  He too is unbelievably thoughtful, considerate, funny, kind, charming, and every bit and more of the type of man that Mindy needs.  These two make the world a much better place just by being in it.  I am blessed to call them my friends, and was so thrilled when they asked us to document their wedding day.

They are such an easy-going couple.  The day, like most wedding days, was not without it’s challenges but Mindy and Charlie never let it rattle them.  They smiled, laughed, and enjoyed every moment of their big day no matter what the challenge because they knew this day was about celebrating the beginning of the rest of their lives together and not just focusing on the events of the wedding itself.  So a little rain, and December temps weren’t going to scare us or them away…so off we went.  I’m so pleased with how these photos turn out.  I hope you guys love them too!


I just love these hangers!


Challenge #1:  As Mindy is putting her dress on we realize that the corset strap is MIA.  We look everywhere, call the valet, have them bring the car up so we can check the car, tear apart the hotel room, look in every garment bag…NOTHING.  So everyone gets on their phones and starts calling the bridal shop (to see if we can get another one), the cleaners (thinking they may have forgot to put it back after steaming the dress), friends (to see if we can borrow theirs).  It was crazy!  Mindy was juggling calls and handing off phones like a professional!  But Mindy didn’t want to waste any photo time, so we safety-pinned the back of the dress and just promised not to take any shots from the back until we found a new strap!

And we doubt, had we not told you the above story, you would’ve never known based on these images!

Girl, you are so stunning.

Finally a strap arrived!  So we tied it up and headed back out for some more shots while we had a break in challenge #2…the weather!

I honestly don’t think you could be more beautiful.

Mindy and Charlie had arranged for a trolly to transport them and their bridal parties around….it was so awesome!

The first moments of a first look are my favorite. We love love love capturing the raw emotions of this moment.

Charlie is such a great guy.  He had 16 guys stand up with him at the wedding.  To us, that is such a testament to how good of a friend you are that you have that many guys willing to standup with you and witness your vows.  Way to be awesome, Charlie.  You keep faith alive for every single girl out there, that good guys still do exist!

And you’re handsom too!

Check out this huge bridal party!  They were such good sports about going in and out of the rain with us!  You guys rock!

Mr. & Mrs!

Flourish Decor always puts up an incredible display!

JuLi Creations did an amazing job with the cake.

Aren’t you jealous you didn’t have the Whiskey Bent Valley Boys do music for your cocktail hour?

And the rest of the night the party was kept hoppin’ by the Skyline Drive Band!  Everyone had such a great time!

I was so excited to sneak in a pic with the bride!

Dress:  Rebecca’s Wedding Boutique

Getting Ready:  Hilton Seelbach Hotel

Ceremony:  Calvary Episcopal Church

Reception:  Mellwood Arts Center

Wedding Planner/Coordinator:  Go Get It Events and Weddings

Flowers and Decor:  Flourish Decor

So happy and excited to watch you guys spend the rest of your lives together!

Jenifour Jones - December 26, 2012 - 6:53 pm

Beautiful photos and a stunning couple! Gorgeous wedding. Was a pleasure planning this wonderful affair.

-Jenifour Jones
Go Get It Events & Weddings

Sean & Maya: MARRIED! | Louisville Wedding Photography

I can honestly say that I have never been more excited or proud to show off the following images.  I really believe that this is probably some of our best work ever.  Maya and Sean were just amazing people who have a beautiful love for each other and everyone around them.  Hearing the speeches, and general banter from everyone around them , it was obvious that these two love and are deeply loved and cherished by their family and friends.  They had family and friends literately travel from all across the world to come and celebrate with them.  I normally always have a “favorite” moment from the day, but honestly, I loved every single minute of being around these two.  They laughed, they loved, they had a perfectly beautiful wedding.  I hope they love these images as much as we do.  And since I have talked them up so much….let’s get to it!!!

I wish every bride could get ready in a room like this with such gorgeous light.  Seriously, with Maya amazingly beautiful dress and good looks, and this light, our job was CAKE!

How great is it to have such gorgeous weather in mid-November.  So happy to live in the midwest with gorgeous fall colors and random warm days just when I need them!

This may be the most bridal portraits we have ever posted in a single blog.  But after you see them, I’m pretty sure you’ll have to agree that there was absolutely no way I could trim these down any further.  Maya you are so beautiful!

Sean has the one of the best smiles we have ever seen.  He is so genuine, funny, considerate, kind, and sweet that it just oozes out of him.  Thanks for being AWESOME, Sean!

This bridal party was so much fun!

If I HAD to choose a favorite part of the day, it would have to be the 15 minutes we got right here with them alone.  I seriously could not love these images any more.  I’m only jealous that I don’t have pictures like this from my wedding!  These two are so crazy about each other that we just let them do their own thing and got to enjoy snapping some pictures.  I LOVE how these turned out!

The reception at The Gillespie was set up so nice.  Everything was beautiful!

A candy buffet is becoming quite popular these days.  But I love that Maya and Sean took it one step further and didn’t just pick out candy.  They made sure that everything on the table meant something to them.  They included everything from their siblings favorite candies, to childhood memories of visiting their grandparents and finding what candy they had stashed away!  We LOVED it!


Then the night took off with sweet first dance, Notre Dame fight songs, a special dance her brothers and Sean had choreographed specially for Maya, and lots of other great fun moments!  I hope you guys had the time of your lives!

Rachel & Ryan: ENGAGED! | Louisville Engagement Photographers

Rachel and Ryan are a fun loving, beautiful, quirky, hilarious, sweet couple.  They were so nervous to start the session, but as true for most of our couples, by the end they were completely posing themselves!  They were up for everything including rolling in the hay, climbing up barn lofts, and willing (although we decided against it) jumping in the leaves.  I hope they had as much fun as I did!  We can’t wait for their wedding next year!

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