Zac & Maressa: ENGAGED! | Louisville Engagement Photography

Oh how I love these two! They are awesome! From our very first meeting, we hit it off. I think we spent two hours just laughing and swapping stories of love and passion for Colts football!

Maressa is a super sweet, beautiful, funny girl who is in her final semester of nursing school! (WHOO-HOO!) and Zac is an adorable, fun-loving, super hero fan who we just love. We had so much fun getting together with these two. We took them a little (O.K., a lot) out of their city comfort zone and threw them out on a farm. But man on man, we loved the results. Thanks for being a good sport about it guys! Hope you love these pics! Can’t wait for the wedding!

You guys are SUPER adorable!

I love the way they make each other laugh!

I wish I had out-takes of Maressa getting up on this hay-bale.  HILARIOUS!  But she was a tough cookie…did it all on her own.  And I’m so glad she did!

Love this light!

According to them, this is how they spend most of their time.  Haha…her nose in a book.  Him on the edge of his seat to make sure the good guys win again!

And since we were shooting this session in the middle of a Colts game, they couldn’t resist showing off their support!

Zac and his “Wayne” pride and Maressa with her “sassy pants” on made for a lot of fun!

And why not a little live action?

And now she wanted to kiss a different “Wayne.” Bruce Wayne that is!  🙂  (See what I did there?!?!)  LOL

Jacob & Bryce: ENGAGED! | Louisville Engagement Photographer

We LOOOOVE Jacob and Bryce!  It has been a long time since we have laughed this much through an entire session.  Jacob and Bryce both had us laughing so hard that our stomach hurt when we left.  It also didn’t hurt that the light was perfect, and they both, were absolute naturals in front of the camera.  They just looked so happy and content.  We couldn’t possibly be happier with how this session came out.  I hope they love the pics even half as much as we do!

We can’t wait to put you guys in front of our camera again!  Can you please move your wedding date up?!?!


We also experienced a “first” on this shoot.  We have never had a videographer come with us on the engagement shoot.  I’ll admit we were a little apprehensive about it, but the guys from Mango Photography were AWESOME!  They were a blast to work with and got AMAZING stuff!  I am including the video teaser they did for Jacob and Bryce on here too, because I just think everyone should see it!  Great job guys!  Looking forward to working with Mango Photography again!



So now that you have seen Mango’s perspective, now to see ours:


I love how you two interact with each other.  You can totally feel the connection between you two just by how you look and hold each other.

I love how much Jacob loves to make Bryce smile and laugh.

Bryce’s laughter is so contagious!  We had so much fun!

As noted by the picture on the right, Bryce is quite the funny woman herself!  She was cracking jokes that had us all rolling!

Maybe my favorite set of 4 pictures together EVER!


I feel like you two kind of like each other, you should get married.  😉

The absolute contentment in this photo made it my favorite of the day.  I don’t know that we have ever photographed another couple who looked so sweetly in love as you guys do.  This image is love in it’s perfect vulnerable state.  And it’s my favorite.

Jacob proposed wearing his superman shirt!  So Bryce wanted us to be sure we revealed his true identity and that everyone knew the type of man she was marrying!

I seriously love you guys!  Can not wait to get together again soon!  It’s going to be even more awesome next time!

Thomas & Kelsie: MARRIED! | Elizabethtown Wedding Photography

I have been waiting for so long to post this blog!  We absolutely ADORE Thomas, Kelsie, and their families.  They are some of the most gracious, loving, generous, kind, big-hearted, and just downright nice people you will ever meet.  I knew I loved them from our very first meeting, and every time we are around them we just find new reasons to love them more.

This is a super long blog post, but buckle in!  We think this is one of our best yet!  Hope you guys enjoy!


I love all of the attention to detail they worked in all day.

If there was ever a bride who had that ‘glow’; it’s Kelsie.  She was smiling from ear to ear all day.  It was perfection.

Love the images here and the emotion that goes with them.  I love seeing how everyone reacts to the bride.  Notice her girl’s admiring from behind her.  Her mom finishing every last little detail.  Her dad fighting back tears.  Love this amazing group of people.  Everyone was so invested in this day.

These are actually a few images from a bridal session we did a few weeks before the wedding!  It took everything in me to hold these back until now!  But here they are!  Kelsie, you are stunning.  Your smile is beautiful and so contagious.  So glad we did this.

Seriously, how could you not love this girl?!

You are beautiful.

Thomas is a little more low-key kind of guy, but that makes him PERFECT for Kelsie.  I love his calm demeanor, and how he carries himself.  Gentlemen like Thomas are a rarity, and it was a joy to be around you.

You guys are blessed with amazing friendships.  I loved meeting all of them!

I love you two together.  You are just…..right.  Seeing you two, makes everyone else smile.

The beautiful Olmstead.  Always a favorite to shoot at, but with Thomas and Kelsie’s personal touch applied, it was as good as it gets!

Thomas and Kelsie took lessons for their first dance!  It paid off in a big way!

Best band in Louisville!  The Louisville Crashers!  Check them out!

This was such a FUN reception!  I have proof!

Jill Hammer - August 23, 2013 - 10:58 pm

After looking online for hours at photographer’s websites Kelsie said your wedding photographs were “clear and happy” and that is what she liked! Upon meeting with you and talking we knew you were the right choice! Thank you for doing such a great job captivating what an awesome day their wedding was! I think you achieved the “clear and happy” Kelsie was looking for!
Thanks so much for your talent as an outstanding wedding photographer!

Grant & Brittany: MARRIED! | Kentucky Wedding Photography

We have been waiting FOREVER for this wedding.  Brittany and Grant were one of our most favorite engagement sessions we had ever shot, and it just felt like their wedding couldn’t get here soon enough.  To start, they are RIDICULOUSLY photogenic.  I really don’t know that I have ever seen two people who just “fit” together more perfectly.  But beyond that, and more importantly, we just LOVE being around these two.  They smile great big smiles, they laugh loudly, and they love passionately.  Every one of their friends were so excited to be a part of their day.  And why wouldn’t they?  It was a beautiful celebration for two amazingly beautiful people!  I really could talk about them all day, but I know you guys aren’t here to read, but to see some of these GORGEOUS pics…so I’ll shut up and you can start scrolling!

Brittany did a “first look” with her dad.  Needless to say there were tears all around.  For us too!  Seriously one of the sweetest moments I have ever been able to witness!

Brittany, I could totally say after every picture how stunningly beautiful you are.  You are absolutely breath-taking.  And because I think you may get tired of hearing me say it after every image, I won’t.  But know I’m thinking it, K?  😉

I love the first look.  The first moment a bride and groom see each other on their wedding day is the most perfect moment.  Always my favorite time of the day.

Poor Brittany was so overcome with emotion all day.  I loved that she was so emotionally attached to every second of her day.  But the moment she got to wrap her arms around Grant…it was all better for the rest of the day.

Seriously, how unbelievable gorgeous are these two?!?!?

Love you guys!

Grant does the most adorable thing ever when you take his picture.  He giggles.  It’s AWESOME!  He says his momma always told him to laugh and it would guarantee that it would be a natural, real smile.  She was right.  Grant, keep giggling, because you take the best pictures!

Seriously, can we borrow your guy’s friends?!?!  We had so much fun hanging out with them.  We would like to personally rent them out to be our friends.  And maybe make them honorary bridesmaid’s and groomsmen at every wedding we shoot!

I love your guy’s silliness!


Ryan & Rachel: MARRIED! | Louisville Wedding Photographers

Rain or shine, nothing was going to dampen the day for these two.  Rachel and Ryan had a beautiful day celebrating their wedding with their closest friends and family, and we were lucky enough to be invited to document it.  We loved every minute that we were able to watch this couple interact with each other and their guests.  The smiles, the laughter, the hugs, the tears and all of the other emotions made this day one to be remembered forever!


Such a fun little set-up at the salon!

Rachel, you’re beautiful.

I loved this moment when Rachel saw her dad for the first time.  She may be marrying a new man, but this Daddy’s girl will always have a place in her heart for the first man she ever loved.

Love when couples do the first look!  Such sweet moments.

My favorite quote of the day:

Rachel: Do I look like what you expected?

Ryan: Better.

Yup…these two know how to love each other.

I love your smile Ryan.



YAY!  You’re married!

The sun finally came out right before the reception, so we couldn’t resist a fun little mini session.  These two NAILED it!

The rest of the night was filled with all kinds of hilarious shenanigans!   We loved hanging out with your family and friends!

Hair & Make-Up:  Joseph’s Salon/Spa

Dress:  David’s Bridal

Florist:  Nanz and Kraft Florists

Church:  Broadway Baptist Church

Reception:  Claudia Sanders Dinner House

DJ:  Complete

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