Casey & Sara: MARRIED! | Kentucky Wedding Photographers

You guys….I can’t even.  We have never been so emotionally involved in a wedding as this one.  I knew Sara and Casey were something special from the moment I first met them.  We became instant pals and I deeply cherish their friendship.  Heading into their day, I felt like I was simply coming to celebrate a marriage with the best of friends.  But we had no way of preparing for how beautiful this day would truly be.  We cried as we photographed Casey reading his letter from Sara.  We cried as we watched Sara transcribing out her vows.  We cried with her family as they all came together to share some gifts, hugs, love and prayer before everything of the day took place.  We smiled and laughed through portraits.  We teared up again as Casey and Sara shared their first moments together.  We almost forgot to take pictures during the sweet exchange of their vows, family prayer, devoted communion, and powerful worship, because we were so wrapped up in the gorgeous, glorifying ceremony.  As they shared their first dance we couldn’t keep the smile off our faces.  And we literally were wiping tears away  during the sweet father/daughter and mother/son dance.

You guys…Casey and Sara just make love look easy.  It is inspiring.  It is beautiful.  And above all, it is God-Honoring.  These two love each other with an easy, simple, perfect, abundant, unconditional love.  Everyone around them just adores them.  We weren’t the only ones wrapped up in their day.  Listening to the conversations of their bridal party, the families and their invited guests just spoke such volumes to their character.  These two love God and love each other.  Please enjoy these photos.  I have loved every second I have spent with these two, every second I have spent editing their images, and I truly look forward to our continued future friendship.



I love lace. This gown was perfection on Sara.

So many great details sprinkled all throughout the church.  Constant reminders of the Jesus this day was meant to glorify.

Casey had to fight back tears reading his sweet letter from his beloved bride.

I kind of want to be best friends with all Sara’s girls.  And be a member of their family.  Can you guys adopt me?

Y’all the tears.  Such sweet family devotion.  I hope my family grows up to love each other as fiercely as you guys do.

Sara you are absolutely breath-taking.  Your beauty is so much deeper than surface level, (1 Peter 3:4) but for now, we’re happy to show off the outward side!

Stop it.  You are stunning.

First looks are always my favorite.  ALWAYS.

How are you guys the cutest couple on earth?

Casey.  Sweet, sweet Casey.  You are such a joy to know.  Your character and integrity are something all men should aspire to.  Your passion and joy for life is what is always going to keep a smile on Sara’s face.  Your love of Jesus is what is going to make you an incredible leader for your family.  It was our pure joy to be a part of your wedding day.

Seriously, how adorable are these two?!

How are all of your girls this gorgeous?!


I love that you guys carved time out of your day to pray.  I love that your friends and family were happy to do this with you!

Such a sweet moment.

So Casey painted this for Sara.  How could we not use it?!

Definitely one of my favorite father/daughter dance shots ever.

You guys, we could not hold back the tears during Casey’s dance with his mom.  I mean, COME ON.

Then the party got crazy fun!  Such great dancers among you guys!

Casey’s faces while dancing.  BEST. EVER.

Sara’s parents were celebrating their 25th year of marriage.  I couldn’t think of a better photo to end this on.  I love the joy on their faces.  I love that they are more madly in love today than they were 25 years ago.  Casey and Sara, I can only hope that 25 years from now, you’ll have the same beautiful picture from your kids’ wedding.  Enjoy every second my friends.  It’s the best journey God could ever take you on!

Melissa & Patrick: ENGAGED! | Louisville Engagement Photographers

Gorgeous weather, hiking trails, a pretty girl and the world’s best moustache….yeah…be jealous!

Melissa and Patrick are so stinkin’ cool.  She is so pretty, loves to laugh and just enjoys life!  Patrick is the definition of cool.  And to top it all off, he literally has the world’s best moustache.  Check it out:  We could not be any luckier to have the clients we do.  So I can’t delay anymore, enjoy the pics!!


I love how Patrick makes Melissa laugh.

What good is a fun moustache if you can’t be a little playful with it?!?!


Save the date!

Their first date was on these very swings.  So it was only fitting we make a pit stop there for their engagement pics!

Daniel Boone!

My favorite!

Patrick’s last name is Fette.  So why not have a little conFETTI celebration in the park?!?!  LOVE!

Nate & Christine: MARRIED! | Louisville Wedding Photography

Finally!  The 2014 wedding season is underway!!!  We loved that Nate and Christine were the ones to kick it off.  We have a GREAT year ahead with some amazing couples and Nate and Christine were a perfect start!

We couldn’t have had more beautiful weather or a more gorgeous venue.  72 and sunny at Hurstbourne Country Club sure sets us up for a PERFECT day!  Throw this gorgeous bride  and groom in the mix and it was just dreamy.  Nate is a one-of-a-kind fellow.  He is kind, thoughtful, handsome, generous, cool, sees the best in everyone and everything, and best of all is 100% head-over-heels in love with his bride.  Christine is breath-takingly  gorgeous, funny, the best of friends, creative, and over-the-top sweet.  We loved every minute of watching these two promise forever to each other.  Seeing them laugh, kiss, and love on each other was just a wonderful picture of what love should look like.

I hope you guys love the pictures.  We adored every minute of taking every image.  I hope you’ll cherish these for a lifetime!

Christine, you are STUNNING.

I love when our couples elect to do a first look.  The raw emotions are just so beautiful.  I don’t know if I have ever seen bigger smiles on two people faces.

One of my favorites from the day.

Nate, you’re so dapper.

The next two are probably my most favorite groom portraits ever.  Nate, you’re one pretty cool guy.

Your guys’s friends and family are the best.  Simply the best.

Could there be a more perfect venue?  The answer is no.  The only correct answer.

So fun!

Nate and Christine’s little boy was a little under the weather, but you would never know it by these pics!  He’s pretty darn adorable!

So Christine’s mom made all of the reception decorations ON HER OWN.  It was gorgeous.  I was AMAZED!  Seriously, how did she do this?!?!  INCREDIBLE!

Told you guys this bridal party was AWESOME!  Check out this entrance!

First dance.  Favorite.

Such sweet moments for the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances.

This party was fabulous.

These two have some great friends.  Look how happy everyone is!

Beau & Marissa: ENGAGED! | Louisville Engagement Photography

So excited to put up our first engagement session of the year!  We couldn’t be more excited either to show off Marissa and Beau.  They were the perfect kick off to our year.

First they are ridiculously beautiful people, but to add to that they are funny, kind, considerate, silly, and sweet.  Seriously these two are perfect together and a photographer’s dream in front of the camera!  Thanks guys for hanging out with me for a bit, (and showing off your perfect four-legged friends too!)


Rob & Elizabeth: MARRIED! | Louisville Wedding Photography

When the bride is wearing a stunning soft pink dress with fabulous pink dancing shoes…AND she works for Disney…you just know this is going to be an AMAZING wedding!  It didn’t dissapoint either!

We actually didn’t have the chance to meet Elizabeth and Rob before their big day because the both live in Florida.  Sometimes, that makes me a little nervous for how things will go, but honestly, Elizabeth and Rob could not possibly be any more incredible.  They are funny, flexible, considerate, kind, gorgeous, sweet people.  It is evident by their HUGE bridal party.  I always think that is such a cool testament to how you live your life.  When you have that many family and friends excited to be a part of your special day, its pretty incredible.

So many awesome things about this day.  To start…a subtle pink wedding gown?!?!  YES PLEASE!

Seriously, how unbelievably beautiful is Elizabeth?!  Despite the fact that it was FREEZING outside, Elizabeth toughed it out for a few pics that we hope she thinks was worth it!

The first look.  Always.  Easily my favorite moment of the day.  We love, love LOVE seeing the couples first reactions and sweet moments.

You guys make a crazy adorable couple!  Although, I’m sure you already know that!

Look out!  Smokin’ hot man in a tux!  But what makes Rob even more amazing than his phenominal good looks?  The fact that he is SUCH a nice guy.  He loves to smile.  And I can’t tell you how many times we heard throughout the day about how good of a friend he is.  Loyal, funny, caring, and good looking…WELL DONE ELIZABETH!

Love shooting at Caldwell Chapel.  Always makes a beautiful backdrop!

Some silliness with boys!

This was our first time shooting at the Muhammed Ali Center.  It was AWSOME!  The venue in itself is such a cool place.  I can’t wait to go back there and just check it out, but the ballroom where Elizabeth and Rob had their reception was to die for!  They had it decorated beautifully, and the picturesque backdrop window views of the city just put it over the top!  Seriously one of the most gorgeous receptions we have EVER attended!

The day was filled with so many sweet memories for everyone.  But this one was pretty great!  Elizabeth’s cousins got together and practiced without her knowing and sang to her, “You Are So Beautiful” at the reception and KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!

The toasts were filled with so much laughter, thought and good memories.  Rob’s best man told hilarious stories of Rob, but ended it by proving his point that Rob will forever be determined to be the best possible husband he can be to Elizabeth.  Then, Mike, Elizabeth’s dad got up and brought the whole room to tears with his sweet toast.  Finally we were back in stitches again when Elizabeth’s sisters got up and sang her their own version of “I’ve Got Friends, In Low Places.”  It was all so perfect!

Thank you guys so much for allowing us to be a small part of such an incredible day.  We wish you both a lifetime of happiness, fun and love.  (And we’ll be sure to say hi next time we’re at Disney!)

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