Patrick & Melissa: MARRIED! | Louisville Wedding Photography

It’s been WAAAAAYYY  to long since our last blog post and I’m so glad to be back with this post right here!  Melissa, Patrick, their family and friends sure know how to bring their A+ game!  This day was beautifully perfect from the moment we walked in the Galt House where Melissa was getting ready, to the moment we left Louisville Glassworks at the end of the night.  We had so much fun hanging with them all day!  I mean how many other photographers out there can say that they rode a trolley, partied through the night and captured photos of the man with the world’s best mustache while he married his GORGEOUS bride?!  This girl can!!!  In all seriousness, we loved every minute of celebrating your guy’s perfect day with you all.  We hope you enjoy the pictures for your lifetime ahead!

Stephen & Carli: MARRIED! | Shepherdsville Wedding Photography

I love fun, sweet, emotional, crazy, hilarious, love-filled weddings.  Everything from this wedding was just simple perfection.  There was so much joy, laughter and fun at this wedding coming from everywhere!  The bride and groom, while the spotlight of the day, were just two factors in this beautiful day.  Their families have long prayed for this day.  They have spent hours praying for their kids individually, but probably just as many hours on their knees praying for them as a couple and for their future daughter/son-in-law.  Stephen and Carli’s friends are just the cream of the crop.  They mostly all have been friends since early childhood and have been with each other through good times, hard and challenging times, and have tons of fun stories to share!  This wedding was just a gorgeous celebration that honored God in every way possible.  I love all of these images.  They don’t come near to doing this day justice, but I hope they at least make everyone involved smile.  Enjoy friends!  

Stephen, Carli, their family and friends put so much thought into every detail of this wedding.  Gorgeous stuff, EVERYWHERE!

These girls.  Only the best group of girls assembled on the planet!


Carli gave her new mother-in-law, Kim, a corsage bracelet that had a baby picture of Stephen on it.  This moment…seriously one of the sweetest I’ve ever seen.

I have said several times that there is something at every wedding that usually brings me to tears.  THIS was it.  Mark is an unbelievably caring, loving and GREAT dad!  Carli, wanted to do a first look with her dad.  She had kept her dress hidden for a year, so when Mark saw his oldest baby girl for the first time in her beautiful, white gown…he lost it.  And we did to.  So I hope these photos are good…we had a hard time shooting through our crying!

Carli.  You are crazy gorgeous.  Your smile. Your eyes.  But more importantly, your kind, gentle, sweet spirit, is just beautiful.

Stop it.

How adorable, right?!  I love that she took her perfect idea from their engagement session and brought it over to her wedding day too!

I love getting to know our bridal parties, and laughing with them.  But we had the privilege of already knowing a few of them ahead of time, so after we got to meet the other incredible girls, I think this group of girls maybe elevated to our favorite bridemaids in the history of ever!

Stephen and Carli didn’t want to do a first look, but still wanted to share a moment before the ceremony.  So we went with the “first touch.”  They were able to hold hands, talk, exchange gifts and pray together.  It was such a sweet moment.  I’m glad I got to see it!

Are these guys stud’s or what?!

Carli, you totally scored a hottie!

Stephen really is an incredible guy.  He loves Jesus and is so excited to lead his family.  He is funny, thoughtful, kind, generous, and smart.  We’re glad to say we know him!

Nothing like the love a momma has for her boys!

We love when couples pray before the big moment.

Such a great group!

GAH!  Love these two!

Toasts. Made-up Songs. Laughing til it hurts.  Such a great reception.

Back to back AMAZING parent dances!

Carli and Mark and an amazing surprise choreographed routine.  HYSTERICAL!

SO. MUCH. DANCING.             SO. MUCH. FUN!

joy brown - August 19, 2014 - 3:33 pm

Stunning pictures! Beautiful wedding and extraordinary couple… talented photographer! Blessings to all :)

Chris & Rachel: ENGAGED! | Louisville Engagement Photographers

These two actually tied the knot on Saturday.  And we weren’t able to shoot the wedding, but we honored to do a spur of the moment engagement session with them!  We had such a great time laughing and goofing off, that it didn’t even feel like I was working!

I went to high school with Chris and he was always such a great guy.  And Rachel is super sweet and takes great care of my kiddos at the daycare they go to.  So needless to say I love both of these guys and was super excited for the chance to shoot some fun engagement photos for them!  I hope they love them!

Charlie & Hailey: ENGAGED! | Louisville Engagement Photographer

A pretty girl, a baseball umpire with a killer smile, cowboy boots, sun dresses, a big black truck and downtown louisville.  To me, this sounds like a PERFECT recipe for a gorgeous little engagement session.  And lucky me…I just so happened to have these ingredients come together all at once for our latest couple.  Throw in some beautiful golden sunlight and I am just over the moon thrilled with how these pics turned out!

We only had a very small window of time to get these pics done since Charlie is on the road a lot this time of year with baseball, but thank good mother nature cooperated and  we were able to snag some phenomenal pics.  Hailey is seriously so beautiful and so sweet.  Charlie totally hit the jackpot with her.  And Hailey’s pretty lucky herself.  Charlie is a handsome guy who is so fun to be around!  He just draws people in.  Their wedding is going to be such a blast!  (PS…they are getting married on my anniversary…so they are already starting out on a great note!)

Zac & Maressa: MARRIED! | Louisville Wedding Photography

Finally!  It felt like we had been waiting FOREVER for Maressa and Zac’s wedding day to get here and now that it finally happened I can confidently say with pride: It was every bit as AMAZING as we thought it would be!  Maressa has long been a big “fan” of ours and a huge encourager to us.  And the day we met Zac, we knew why Maressa was crazy about him…because we were too!  Such a great couple.  So we desperately wanted to “hit one out of the park” for their wedding day now that it was their turn.  We love everything about Maressa and Zac and we hope they love everything about their wedding pictures!


Love all Maressa and Zac’s fun details.  From her shoe choice, to their colors, to her super creative and cute gift to her groom.  Job well done.

Maressa, your smile.  Perfect.

I love how much you love to laugh.  Seriously, it’s my favorite.

You.  Are.  Gorgeous.

One of the MANY reasons why I love a first look is that you never know what emotion you are going to get.  For Zac and Maressa it was over-whelming joy!  I love how they laughed, hugged, smiled and cherished every second of this moment!

The socks and shoes?!?!  Are you kidding me?!?!  How awesome are these two?!?!

We really do have so much fun with our bride and grooms.  And the best way that it pays off…the picture on the right.


So you guys are awesome….just FYI.

Zac, you are definitely the coolest.

Blue eyes for days…DAYS!!!

Such a FUN group.

How could we not LOVE these two?!

Ummmm….cutest idea EVER.

We had plenty of pictures after our time at Anchorage Trail.  But when you have this light, Duncan Memorial, and these AWESOME two people….how could we resist?!?!

Obviously we have seen plenty of cake cutting/toasts/cake smashes.  But this one may just top them all!  Maressa and Zac were super sweet with a simple little cake sharing…mess free.  Little did they know that their siblings had a different plan in mind.  Out of no where, Maressa and Zac were attacked with cupcakes!!!  (see bottom right picture)  But never fear …Maressa got her revenge!  So hilarious!

Still smiles after all the “fun”!

Maressa and her dad opted for a sweet, beautiful, traditional first dance.  Zac and his mom totally rocked a surprise choreographed dance for everyone’s entertainment.  Both were perfect for Maressa and Zac’s day!

Ain’t nothing wrong with a little “dance off!”

We had such a great time documenting your guys’ wedding day.  We love everything about who you guys are on your own and even more so as newlyweds!  Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of such a special day.  We wish you a lifetime of happiness!

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