David & April: MARRIED!

The long awaited post is finally here!  This is the 2nd edition of our crazy double wedding weekend!  So…here goes!

David and April, if you guys weren’t so FREAKIN’ awesome…there would’ve been no way we could’ve made it through the day!  But simply hanging with you guys and your AMAZING bridal party was so much fun, we didn’t have time to think about our ridiculously small amount of sleep!

April, you were nothing short of GORGEOUS!  You radiated a contagious smile and laughter all day, and everyone around you just stood in awe.  Your hair, your dress, your details, everything was just a perfect fit to make you one of the most glamorous brides we’ve ever had the pleasure of capturing.

David…there are no words!  There are rarely words to describe you, but today there really weren’t!  You had the funniest “slogan of the day” we’ve heard, which I’m sure shouldn’t be shared on this blog, but it sure provided lots of great laughs for us!  You looked stunning, and I know all of your dreams came true that day.  Congrats to you….I know how long you have wanted this.

Oh, that laugh and smile I mentioned about April….here it is.  At the salon….told ya it was with her all day!Clayton, GA

You are about to see more detail shots in one post than we have ever posted before, but, after you see these, I’m sure you’ll agree there was no way we could not show you these.Clayton, GAClayton, GAClayton, GAClayton, GA

April, seriously consider a future in modeling…k? K!Clayton, GA

Clayton, GAClayton, GA

Dear future all angles photography brides:  Please be awesome enough, willing enough, and ROCK-STARish enough to do something memorable in your bridal photos like this!  April, without hesitation…in fact she asked us if we were up for it…climbed onto the roof to finish up her portrait session.  The next shots….totally worth every second of it!

(disclaimer…no one was injured in the taking of the next several images)

Clayton, GAClayton, GAClayton, GA

love us some workin’ it out Bride’s Maids!

Clayton, GA

Well, hello there, stud!

Clayton, GAClayton, GA

Hot men+Hot Tuxes=Yummy Goodness!

Clayton, GA

We have yet to come across a ceremony that just isn’t completely beautiful, but David and April went above and beyond to make theirs uniquely personal and perfect reflection of them as people and as a couple.

PS….love this idea!!!

Clayton, GAClayton, GA

Why do the boring “smile and wave” down the aisle, when you can do this:

Clayton, GA

Clayton, GAClayton, GA

LOOOOOOOVE the “almost” kiss

Clayton, GA

Clayton, GA.

Yeah…you read that above line right….GEORGIA baby!  This wedding was elegant, beautiful, fun, fabulous, and everything we could hope for to make our 6 hour drive worth it!  David is actually Brian and Eric’s cousin, so while we would’ve been there anyway, it made it that much more special to us that David and April asked us to be a part of something so incredible.  And we are soooooo thankful they did.  The energy that these two give off just in everyday life is something truly special, but on this day…..it was almost magical.

David and April have been together for (I hope I’m right on this) 10 years!  This day had been a long time coming.  They have survived long-distance dating, David enlisting in the military and being deployed to Afghanistan, not to mention all the other crazy drama that comes with relationships…but through it all, their love has remained strong and finally, they can say for sure that they will be spending the rest of their lives together.

Thank you guys so much for asking us to be there for this.  It was so amazing to watch you guys throughout the day in anticipation of the future that is ahead.  We wouldn’t have missed this for the world!  Congrats to you both…..you guys really, honestly, and truly deserve every good thing that comes your way.

OK…normally we never EVER get, well allow really, pictures of us taken at a wedding….I mean we are there to shoot, not be shot!  But thanks to the fabulously, wonderful, Molly, the Bride’s Maid, we actually have some pretty amazing shots of us, and one AWESOME one of David and April….here is her work…

Clayton, GA

And here is Molly, workin’ the gear!

Clayton, GA


Debra Campbell - August 12, 2009 - 9:15 pm

Raquel, Elizabeth, Brian and Eric,
Love the pictures! You guys are awesome and do great work! Thanks for all you did.

David and April’s Day in 3 Minutes

So Elizabeth and Raquel like to call Eric and I “the piddlers.” We got this name by constantly changing settings on their camera’s, flashes, etc. just to try and learn different things and figure out how everything works.  At this particular wedding, while we were waiting on the girls at the salon we got this crazy idea to attempt our first ever time lapse of the big day in Clayton, GA.  Take a look below and let us know what you think.  We set up our D300 to take a picture every 5 seconds.  We finished with about 1300 frames and compresed them into a 3 minute video.  Enjoy.  Oh and look for their blog post coming soon.  It is going to be hot hot hot.

Shink - August 8, 2009 - 6:39 pm

love the time lapse!

Julie Peters - August 18, 2009 - 6:03 pm

This is seriously cool!

Joshua & Sarah: MARRIED!

What you are about to see, we will confess, is some very, VERY important work to us.  Not only are Joshua & Sarah family, so we are extra happy about this post, but we honestly believe this rivals some of our best work ever.  We are EXTREMELY proud of these images.  We hope you enjoy them just as much as we do.  OK…with that said….onto to the post!

Joshua & Sarah:  we have to first say we are truly honored to be asked to be a part of your guy’s day in such a huge way.  Yes, we would’ve been there anyway, but anytime someone asks you to document their day…it’s HUGE.  But when it is your own brother, suddenly the pressure magnifies times 1 million!  But honestly, you guys were amazing.  You looked FABULOUS, and your day was absolutly PERFECT  in every way.  We are truly excited for you guys to see this post and all the pics to follow.  Thank you for allowing us this opportunity.  (we would’ve been totally jealous if any other photographer got to hang out and snag these amazing images besides us though!) 😉

When we first arrived at the salon, we could not believe what we were seeing.  The bride was hard at WORK painting toenails!  Uhhhhh….isn’t this YOUR wedding day?  Shouldn’t everyone be catering to you?  But Sarah….we will say….you do some amazing work!


In case you are a boy reading this post…this is the secret to how us gals can work it all day, and dance the night away without a single hair falling out of place from our perfect little up-do’s…


Talk about details….this dress….WOWZA…


Don’t you just love the bouquet?  Well Sarah, yes the bride, made it herself!  AYKM?!?!


OK, enough teasing….time to show off this smokin’ hot bride!


Joshua:  you completely blew us away.  We did not know you were going to be this fun and AWESOME to photograph!  Sarah, hope you enjoy the pics of your hunky hubby!


OK…we are going to say it….BEST GROOM PORTRAIT EVER!


We love us some CRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAZY Bridal Parties!


This church….simply breathtaking.  Louisville couples, you should seriously consider West End Baptist.  I mean c’mon…


Dear Joshua & Sarah:  do us one favor. Cherish these next few images for the rest of your lives.  Besides what is in your mind, these are the only memories you are going to have of how perfect you two are this day, and how perfect you two will be for the rest of your lives.


Let’s just say it is not possible to have a cooler get-a-way car than this!  Yes….a 1957 Bentley.  How flippin’ jealous are you right now?!?!


One of our favorite moments of the day is always the first dance….


And sprarklers to end the night?  Yes please!


Louisville, KY

You guys were simply fantastic in every sense of the word.  We love sharing in your special day with you and are truly blessed to have been asked to be a part of it.  We hope you guys are even just 1/2 as proud of these images as we are.  We really gave you all we had, and we hope that this day and these images are everything you ever dreamed they would be, now and for the years to come.  Thank you.

We couldn’t resist at least one shot of Elizabeth and her big brother Joshua, and her new sister Sarah!



Devin - August 5, 2009 - 1:48 pm

Pictures look awesome. . . like always lol

Pizzle - August 5, 2009 - 2:43 pm

Good work Hubbards!

Lori Brumback - August 5, 2009 - 7:44 pm

Breath taking! Josh an Sarah’s photos are gorgeous.

Phyllis - August 6, 2009 - 7:10 pm

WOW! You guys are a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Love the work, detail, and energy. Can’t wait (really!) to see more.

Sarah Page - August 10, 2009 - 5:55 pm

Wow….what a HOT couple! Oh, wait that’s me and my new hubby. These pictures are wonderful! I cannot wait to see that rest….you guys do some really amazing work!

Carol Choquette - August 12, 2009 - 11:14 pm

Wow…I’m impressed! Your pictures are truly works-of-art! There is true passion in every shot! I especially love the pic’s of the hanging wedding dress…just beautiful! Congratulations!!!

Sneak Peek….

Just wanted to give you guys a quick tease about what is to come…..

Oh…and drooling on your computer probably isn’t  good for it!

Joshua & Sarah

Louisville Wedding Photography

David & April

Clayton Georgia Wedding Photography


tweet tweet…

OK people I’m just going to lay it out there….YOU NEED TO BE ON TWITTER!  You may have heard about this phenomenon sweeping the country from your friend obsessively pecking away on their keyboard or phone, or you may have heard some major news network asking you to follow them.  Either way…it is the newest, coolest, fastest way to stay connected to the people you care about.

Many people have said to me, “I just don’t get it.  Why do people care about what I had for lunch?”  The honest answer….I don’t know.  I don’t know why people find it humorous, or sad, or silly, or fun to read about my daily life, but the fact is…THEY DO.  Think about it, if you knew you were supposed to meet someone for a lunch meeting, and they are running late, twitter could be your useful tool to find that info out.  And you know your momma always cares about what your are eating, doing, thinking, what-eva…momma’s care to know!  If you want to put together a “spur-of-the-moment” get-together….twitter would be your fastest way to get the word out and turn that little shin-dig into an all-out, paint the town, BASH!

While other social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, friendster, all of those are good, they just require too much.  There is too much influx of apps, games, requests, pics, notes, and all kinds of junk to sort through.  With twitter, you follow who you want, block who you don’t want, and BAM…their info or current status is all spelled out for you in plain and simple 140 characters.  That’s the beauty of it….140 characters is all you get.  So you can’t be over-loaded with entirely too long status updates, or bombarded with photos, or stupid quizzes, like “which 80’s TV character are you?” 

All that to say…..JOIN US!  As you can see to the left we have added a new feature to our blog that will allow you to follow with what we are doing on twitter.  Sometimes you might get a sneak-peak advance notice of a new post that is about to drop, sometimes, you might be grossed out, sometimes you may laugh….and sometimes, just for following, you could win stuff too!  So give us a follow….we would love to read all about your crazy life too.

Raquel=aapraquel           Brain=bdawg20000         Eric=ericshubbard

It is super simple and easy to join.  And even simpler to update your status.  You can use the web, your phone browser, or even text your current “thing your doing.”  If you need any tips or pointers getting started, don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comment section and we will assists however possible!  Ok peeps, stop reading and go join!!!  (but you can always come back here and look at more posts!)  😉


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