Eric, Elizabeth, and Big Girl Molly!

Our sweet little Molly is now 2 ½ months old! She is so perfect, and she couldn’t possibly bring us any more joy.

After a long, emotional 6 days in the NICU, Molly was finally able to come home. Since then, our lives have changed more than we ever could have imagined. We are settling into a routine, as life becomes a new normal, and loving every minute of being parents.

Molly is growing by leaps and bounds, though still only weighing 8 lbs 5 oz. She has started to smile, and every day becomes more and more interactive. She is growing so fast, and we know it won’t be long and all of this will be distant memories. We are enjoying everything about her, and not taking a single moment for granted…and taking lots of pictures!

Louisville, KY

So often people talk of the unconditional love you have for a child, but those are really just words until you experience it for yourself. We can’t even begin to describe our feelings of love for our daughter, words are not enough! We are truly blessed!

Night of Worship | Louisville Event Photographers

We all have a story.  Some are dramatic; some are simple.  Some stories stay a smooth course throughout; some stories are an emotional roller coaster.  There are lots of stories.  Stories to make us cry, and stores to make us laugh.  There are stories that inspire and motivate.  No matter what shape your story takes, we all have one.  And the best part…God is interested in reading and writing the rest of yours.

On October 22, 2010, Southeast Christian Church held their 4th Night of Worship.  The night started off with a fun worship tune completely played and vocalized with the use of iPads, iPhones, and iPods.  Technology rocks…just sayin’.  Then we bolted into a spirit filled, God pleasin’, rockin’ worship set.  It was fun, it was intimate, it was hopefully above all, pleasing to God.

The night then continued with a variety of stories being told.  They were representative of all of our stories.  Any one of us could’ve gotten up there to tell our story.  These stories were ones of brokenness, heartbreak, loss, abuse, battery and bruising, emptiness, and fear.  We’ve all had these moments.  Moments where life hands you a bad deal and you are just ready to fold.  But thankfully all of these stories and yours and mine ended or can end the same way.

We serve a God who is able.  He is able to heal the heartbreak and put back together broken pieces.  He specializes in comforting the lonely and gives meaning to the empty.  He calms the fears, He easily wipes away tears, and can mend broken relationships.  God is interested in your story.  If you’ve been abused, He wants to wrap His arms around you and hold you until you know it’ll be OK.  If you are lonely, He wants to be a friend that you trust will always be there.  He wants to be a Father to the fatherless.  He knows your story, and He wants to write the rest of it.

I’m thankful to serve a God who cares, a God who loves, a God who redeems, and a God who is worthy of my worship.

What’s your story?

Louisville, KY

We would love to hear your story.  We would love to know what God has done or is continuing to do in your life.  And if you aren’t able to tell us about what God is doing, but would like to know the God who is the Author of all, don’t hesitate to ask.

Southeast Christian Church

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Stephen & Amanda: ENGAGED! | Kentucky Wedding Photography

These two are those types of people that they don’t even have to say a word and you can feel and see the love between them.  With just a touch of his hand, she smiles.  With a glance his way from her, his heart skips a beat.  He holds her tight, she kisses him softly, they love wonderfully.  It was my pleasure to just be around these two for a few moments.  I can not wait until their wedding, I can not wait to be inspired again!

Ryann & Lauren: MARRIED! | Indiana Wedding Photographers

The Horseshoe Casino, pops of red, bright lights, fun details, and love…..all equals this super fun wedding day of Ryann and Lauren.  It’s clear you two are perfect for each other!  I hope you had all of your dreams realized and are looking into your future with bright expectations of the adventure that is to come!  Thank you for asking us to be a part of it!

LOVE first looks!

These two have been doing “chest bumps” for years….so we just had to capture one on the wedding day!

Southern Indiana

Thanks again you guys!  We had so much fun and are excited about seeing what the future holds for you both!

Andrew & Kelli: ENGAGED! | Louisville Wedding Photographer

I have been waiting on posting this for forever.  Around about 7 years to be exact!  OK, well maybe I have just been waiting on these two to finally take the plunge and tell the world that they are going to spend forever together.  From early on it was obvious that these two were perfect for each other.  We are so glad they are finally approaching their special day and we could not be more excited to be asked to be a part of it.

Andrew is actually Brian and Eric’s cousin, so this one is quite special to us.  Kelli, I can honestly say in all the time I have known Andrew, I have never seen anyone or anything make him happier.  You make him smile, you make him laugh, you make him better.  Not that you weren’t already an accepted member of this family, but I want to officially say thank you.  Thank you for joining this family, and thank you for making it better just by your presence.

You guys were awesome.  And Kelli, just for you…not too many “kissy” pictures!  (And you know why…  😉 )

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