Matthew & Lauren: MARRIED! | Louisville Wedding Photography

It has been WAY WAY WAAAAAAY too long since we last blogged but we just simply couldn’t keep this goodness to ourselves!  Lauren and Matthew have been a dream to work with since their engagement session, so we knew this day would be awesome…but we had no idea it would be this good!  Lauren is as stunningly beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.  She is thoughtful and kind.  She is funny and beautiful.  Matthew is silly and knows how to enjoy life.  From all the evidence we heard on their wedding day, he is a loyal friend and selfless.  It was our joy to spend the day with them and we are so thrilled that they let us be a small part of it.  Hope you enjoy these images for years to come!


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Hair/Make-up:  The Beauty Patrol

Getting Ready:  Courtyard Marriott Downtown

Portraits:  Cherokee Park

Ceremony:  St. James Catholic Church

Reception:  Mellwood Arts and Entertainment Center

Chance & Caroline: ENGAGED! | Louisville Engagement Photography

Once upon a time there was this beauty queen.  Let’s call her Caroline.  She fell in love with this stud of a football player.  Let’s call him Chance.  Their love story started strong and quickly became the envy of everyone who knew them.  These two love in a great big way.  They make each other laugh, and simply adore one another.  I love the way she looks at him.  I love the way he holds her close and protects her.  I LOVE how much fun they have together.  Their love story is going strong and still being written.  Theirs is a story we all want.  And theirs is going to be one you want to read over and over because it’s only going to get better!

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Peggy Jones - July 28, 2016 - 4:50 am

What beautiful photographs! We are so happy for her.and him. I cannot believe how beautiful she has become! I will be praying that their engagement will continue to be blessed by the Lord. Congratulations! Can’t wait to see it progress.They are a good looking couple. You can tell they’re in love!

Dan and Peg Jones - July 28, 2016 - 4:55 am

What beautiful photographs. It is so obvious that they are in love. Caroline gets more gorgeous everyday! Chance is a striking man. Together ,they are a good looking couple! We pray continued blessings on their engagement time will be exciting to watch them grow into marriage!

Sean & Christina: MARRIED! | Mt. Washington Wedding Photography

Boots and Pearls.  Suspenders and Wine.  Cute Kids and the Dark Knight.  If you ask me, this sounds like the ingredients for a PERFECT wedding day at a quaint little winery in Mt. Washington, KY.

It was a smokin’ hot day in late June at Millanova Winery.  But the heat wasn’t going to slow Sean and Christina down!  Everything about this day was gorgeous perfection.  Christina’s Kentucky girl boots and her fun funky bouquet just added to the beautiful scenery we had to work with!  Sean sure knows how to rock some suspenders and that dapper smile.  Christina’s sweet little boy, Brayden stole the show with a rockin’ mohawk.  And to top it all off…they were surprised when a silly Facebook conversation between friends brought to life the Dark Knight to perform part of their ceremony!

This day was particularly special to us because Sean is family.  I used to baby sit him for crying out loud!  It was a privilege and honor for us to see it all come full circle and be there to document the big day for them.  We are excited that in this scenario that we will be able to continue to watch these two grow their sweet little family and celebrate with them all along the way!  We hope they are able to cherish these memories for the lifetime journey ahead!  Congratulations guys!

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And if you just cant get enough of this GORGEOUS wedding!  Check out their slideshow!

Martin & Meghan: MARRIED! | Louisville Wedding Photography

Rain or shine, there wasn’t anything that was going to keep these two love birds from putting a smile on their faces and walking down the aisle to their new forever.  Meghan and Martin have been dreaming of this day for way too long and now that it was here, everything was perfect.  Weather wasn’t going to stop them from celebrating with their family and friends.  Rain couldn’t dampen their love for Jesus and one another.  So what were we to do?  😉

We couldn’t have been more excited for this day to get here.  We couldn’t have been more excited about having Meghan and Martin back in front of our camera.  And we certainly couldn’t contain our excitement to share in this day with them.  We hope looking at these pictures will forever bring a smile to their hearts and laughter to their mind as they remember the greatest day of their lives!

Be sure to check the link out at the bottom of the post for more of their sweet wedding!  It was too impossible to share their story in just a short blog post, so lots more pics in the link below!

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If you just can’t get enough and want more, head on over to:

Chris & Kacie: ENGAGED! | Louisville Engagement Photography

I can’t even.  These two are just too much.  Too much cute.  Too much fun.  Too much fun.  Too much sweet.  I’ve known Kacie for well over a 15 years (WHAAAAA?!?!) but have only recently met Chris, but I already adore him.  He is the nicest of guys and treats my friend like a queen…so yeah…he’s alright. 😉  Kacie and Chris had their first date at a UK football game, so it was only fitting that we stop by a football field for their engagement pictures!  Geez…I could ramble on forever but that would just delay getting to the good stuff, so scroll down, smile and get excited for the big day in September!

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