Austin & Lauren: ENGAGED! | Louisville Engagement Photographers

The chase.  That’s how this relationship started.  Boy meets girl…Girl leads boy on.  Boy pursues girl…Girl keeps him at bay.  Boy plays guitar…Girl swoons.  Boy keeps chasing girl…Girl falls in love.  In a very brief nutshell, this is Austin and Lauren’s love story.  Sweet and simple, but it is a story that they love to tell now and a story that they hope to someday tell their grandchildren.  Lauren admits she made it difficult, but Austin couldn’t wait to jump in and let us know that she was worth every ounce of energy he put into catching her.  So I hope you guys will enjoy these photos.  I hope it captures the love, laughter, and amazing future you guys have ahead of you.

Lauren can’t help but glow with a smile when Austin gives her the smallest kiss on the cheek.  Lauren can make Austin laugh in a heartbeat.  Together they hold each other close and fit perfectly together.  Austin, I’m glad you chased her.  Lauren, I’m glad you finally gave in.  But mostly I’m glad you both picked us as your photographers!

Austin thinks I’m ridiculous.  He made fun of me a lot.  But I’m OK with it…because it got these awesome reactions and gorgeous smiles out of them.  So, future couples of all angles photography, feel free to make fun of me all you want as long as you promise to be as awesome as Lauren and Austin!

You two are SUPER CUTE!  😉

Perfect fall light and colors…ummm…yes please!

Austin just bought these boots for Lauren.  I say….PERFECTION!

Cuddling up in the tall grass.  Just one of the crazy thing we may ask you to do on your session…but wouldn’t ya say it was worth it?

Seriously?  You guys are perfect!

Finally, the guitar.  Austin started strumming her a few tunes, and she was smitten.  She said she wanted to take “lessons.”  In reality, she just wanted to hear Austin play more.  And as the time moved on, love did it’s job and finally brought these two together.  So of course we had to shoot what finally did the job of roping Lauren in!

And finally, this is them.  Having fun, laughing, and just being comfortable in each other’s presence.  I can’t wait for your wedding.

Stephen & Amanda: MARRIED! | Louisville Wedding Photographer

This story is a story of two selfless people with big hearts full of compassion who treasure each other more than words can describe.  They adore one another and are already perfect at putting each other’s needs ahead of their own.  Amanda and Stephen are beautiful examples of what un-conditional, ’til death do us part love looks like.  Their marriage is going to be an incredible thing to watch.  And we’re just glad to say we were there on that very day they committed to forever.  Thanks for letting us be a part of it!


I love these funky little hangers!

Another bride with FABULOUS shoes!  AAAHHHH… my job!

Amanda, you have one of the most gorgeous smiles I’ve ever seen!  Love it!

Those eyes are FIERCE!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….First Looks are the way to go.  Raw emotion, sweet intimacy, and a memory you will cherish forever!

Seriously, how adorable are these two?!?!?

The angels are here YA’LL!

See that really awesome backdrop behind them at the altar?  Her dad built that!  Amanda had made a trip over to Europe and had walked through some gardens with walk ways made of pieces of broken glass and stone.  She fell in love with it and used it as her inspiration on her wedding day!  I say….GORGEOUS decision!  (and you have a great eye…want to come decorate my house?!?!)


Hair and Make-Up:  Amanda Easely, Easley Made Artistry

Ceremony and Reception:  Mellwood Arts Center

Cupcakes:  The Cupcake Shoppe

DJ Services:  Complete Music

First Dance:  Marry Me, Train

Caterer:  Naiman’s Catering Inc.

Lori Hinsch - October 11, 2011 - 4:51 pm

Stephen and Amanda,
The pictures are beautiful. You both look so lovingly at each other. The wedding must have been enchanting. I wish both of you many happy, healthy years together.

Amanda and Stephen Curley - October 11, 2011 - 6:59 pm

Thank you for your kind words, the day was amazing and I’m glad we could share it with you through the pictures. Raquel… AMAZING pics as always, can’t wait to see the rest!
-Amanda and Stephen

Aaron & Lindsey: ENGAGED! | Louisville Engagement Photography

FINALLY!  Fall has arrived.  And we as photographer’s couldn’t be more ready for it to make it’s appearance.  It brings with it beautiful colors, gorgeous light, cooler temperatures, and all around good moods for us and our couples!  Lindsey and Aaron were no exception.  We shot their lovely little esession at Bernheim Forrest.  This time of year is just amazing there.

Aaron and Lindsey have been together for over 6 years!  Yes, yes, you read that right…6 years!  They met way back when they worked together at the local cinemas.  A friendship turned into flirting, flirting turned into dating, and dating has led to this engagement.  I’m only *slightly* (OK…a LOT!) jealous that we are not shooting their wedding.  Why, you ask.  Because it is in JAMAICA!  Ocho Rios at the Sandals resort to be exact!  I told them I would stow away in their suitcase and take all of their beautiful pics if they would only just let me come along….but alas…they have turned me down!  🙁

But we DID shoot this engagement session and we WILL be shooting their fun reception upon their return home…so for now, enjoy this first gorgeous fall session, and hold your breath waiting for the reception!

Have a blast guys!

Jon & Sarah: MARRIED! | Kentucky Wedding Photographers

If there ever was a definition of a perfect couple…Jon and Sarah fit it perfectly.  Separate, these two are phenomenal people who we are extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to know.  But together…wow…together, these two are perfect for each other.  Have you ever met couples who you just know belong together…almost like they really were put here on this earth, just to compliment one another?  That’s Sarah and Jon.  And everyone agrees.  Just eavesdropping around their reception as people were mingling around, one thing was a favorite topic:  how perfect these two were together and how happy everyone was to finally see them married!  We couldn’t be more happy for the two of you and the love you have found together.  We really hope you guys know how fortunate you are to have found something this special.  Don’t ever take it for granted.  Hold each other as tight 50 years from now as you did on this day.  Smile, laugh, and love hard…but most of all, enjoy the journey of the rest of your lives together hand in hand.

For now…enjoy the pics!


Great Shoes and a Tire Swing…what more could I ask for?!?!?!

Prepare yourselves for the sweetest, most-adorable, beautiful first looks ever.  Seriously.

I love how you make each other smile.

Maybe one of my favorite pictures ever.  Like really, ever.

Could you be any more gorgeous?

Jon has one of the best smiles.  Sarah be excited you get to look at that for the rest of your life!

Fun times with the bridal party!

Details! Details!

Click here for a full slidesow!  Trust me…you don’t want to miss this one!

Cathy Benefield - September 24, 2011 - 7:24 pm

These are so beautiful. Enjoyed them so. Thanks

Christine - November 12, 2011 - 8:21 pm

Love the outdoor shots of the couple.

Chris & Stephanie: MARRIED! | Louisville Wedding Photographers

You wouldn’t think planning a wedding for early September you would have to battle 100+ degree weather…but here in KY…you just never know.  And Chris and Stephanie did!  But not only did they handle it like champs…they had one of the most beautiful, detail oriented, bright, fun weddings to date!

Chris and Stephanie put so much thought and planning into every detail of this day.  Everything from chair covers, to centerpieces, to bouquets, to the bride and groom themselves coordinated and complimented each other so perfectly.  It was bright, it was beautiful, it was perfectly a dream wedding come true for them!

So excited to show off these pics!  I hope they love them as much as we do!  So get ready to smile…because these are sure to make that happen!


I don’t know how we get so lucky that all of our brides wear FABULOUS shoes….but I’m certainly not complaining!

Seriously?  Could she be any more photogenic?!?!?

Stephanie…you are stunning.

How fun are these colors?!?!

In my opinion, nothing trumps the first, raw emotions of a first look.  The joy, the laughter, the love….it’s perfect.

I love how much these two make each other smile.  Just do that for the rest of your lives…k?

Told you all of these details were perfectly put together.  The colors compliment perfectly and it as BEAUTIFUL!

HAIR:  The Second Look

CEREMONY:  Okolona Church of Christ

RECEPTION:  Mellwood Arts Center

FLORIST:  Flourish

CATERER:  Chardeau’s  Catering

FIRST DANCE:  Then – Brad Paisley

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Sarah Cattan - October 11, 2011 - 11:42 am

These are absolutely gorgeous. Can I ask you if you were using Natural lighting on the outdoor photographs, of the bridesmaids and the bride or groom. If not, what were you using? The lighting is fabulous!

Raquel - October 11, 2011 - 11:46 am

Hi sarah! Thanks for your comment! The lighting was all natural!!! We just lucked into a great spot an shot away! Thanks for asking!