Jerry & Lori: ENGAGED! | Kentucky Engagement Photography

Oh the joys of being a wedding photographer in Kentucky in the spring!  I swear one of these days trying to schedule an esession around the weather is going to give me an ulcer!  We had been back and forth with Lori and Jerry’s very busy schedules trying to find a date, and when we finally setlled on one, Lori and I both were up the night before checking out the radar to see 100% rain chance totals and we immediately started emailing back and forth trying to work out the logistics behind a backup plan…which we probably would need.

So about noon the next day, the storms were rolling in, and we decided to call it off.  Heavy rain, winds, and storms were pouring down and it was just simply not going to work.  Lori was going out of town the next week, and May is a busy month for us as well…so we began scrambling trying to figure out when we could get their sweet little session in before their big day in early June!  Time was not our friend!

Long story short, we finally landed on a new date and we thought that would be the end of our weather drama.  But about 5:00 I looked up at the bright blue skies, listened to the birds chirping, and thought….this is crazy.  2 hours earlier the heaven’s were opening up, and now…you would have never know anything happened.  I had to give it a shot.  So I gave Lori a call to see if she still might want to try and get it done tonight.  We scrambled around…and bada boom bada bing…we were back on!  So glad we were able to shoot.  The light was great and now we wouldn’t have to worry about Mother Nature messing up our plans again!

So…on to the session!  Relaxed.  Boy oh boy were these two relaxed.  Relaxed with each other, relaxed in front of the camera, and just easy going with life in general.  It was so refreshing.  I love when a couple is totally confidant in who they are together, and it shows up so great in front of the camera.  They make each other smile, make each other laugh, and the happiness they bring when they are together is awesome!  Can’t wait for their adorable little farm wedding coming up in less than a month!  It’s going to be great!

Louisville, KY

Thanks so much guys for letting us be a part of your whole wedding experience.  We can’t way to see you guys in just a few weeks!

Sylvia McCarty - May 14, 2012 - 9:03 pm

Great pictures of my sister and future brother-in-law!!!

Grant & Alea: MARRIED! | Louisville Wedding Photographers

There are not adequate words to describe these two or the love they have for one another.  I’ll make an attempt, but you should know up front that whatever I say about them will pail in comparison to what we witnessed on their wedding day.

They have a ridiculous consideration for one another.  Love is of course all about considering your spouse more than yourself…but these two…they live it.  They didn’t need years of marriage experience to understand that.  It was obvious from the first moment of the day that it was priority one for each of them to put the other’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, and happiness ahead of their own.  They have a love that is comprised of the strongest of bonds.  Grant would sacrifice his world for Alea.  Alea has told by many people throughout the day has never spoken a cross word about Grant and her favorite thing is to be an encouragement to him.  He loves to see her laugh; She loves to leave him little notes that put a smile on his face.  She knows she is protected, cared for, considered, and respected with Grant.  Grant knows he always will have Alea’s arms to hold him tight, push him further, and lift him up.  These two exemplify love.  In it’s most pure and perfect form…Alea and Grant are exactly the way love is supposed to be.


Alea wanted a special moment with her dad before Grant got to see her on the big day.  It was a sweet sweet time.

I loved how Grant and Alea incorporated prayer in every free moment they had in the day.  Asking God to be the most important thing in their lives and in their marriage will be and is the best decision they could possibly decide on as a couple.

Alea…you’re smokin hot!

Alea’s reaction when first seeing Grant:  “Get over here!”

I love capturing tender moments like these.


Grant and Alea decided that they wanted to honor God in purity all the way up until the “I do’s.”  So as part of that, they decided a couple of months ago that there would be no more kissing on the lips until the big first kiss.  So we challenged them to get super close.  But boy oh boy was it tough for them!  But I loved how the intimacy between them still shows up so strong.

Alea said they pinky swear a lot of stuff…so I thought this was perfect.

Grant…you are quite the handsome gentleman.  Alea is a one lucky gal!

Such a fun bridal party!

Right before the ceremony Grant and Alea wanted a special prayer time with their bridal party.  It was beautiful.

As said before, Grant and Alea have vowed that God would be the most important thing in their lives.  So naturally they wanted to have a small worship time as part of their ceremony.  Watching them worship, hand in hand, side by side had to bring a big smile to His face.  Keep doing this for the rest of your lives.

They also invited their parents up on stage for a special prayer and blessing time from each of them.  Such a sweet moment!

Finally, the big Kiss!

Then…we got our turn…LOTS OF KISSY KISSY PICS!

Love first dances.  Always a favorite moment of the night.

Alea crafted such great details into her day.  I think you’ll all agree she did an awesome job!

Daddy-Daughter Dance.  LOVE.

Then things got crazy!

Louisville, KY

Grant and Alea…we had such a wonderful day with you guys and your friends and your families.  It was a blessing to our marriages to watch you guys start yours.  We pray a lifetime of happiness and joy forever to you guys.

Adam & Jill: ENGAGED! | Kentucky Wedding Photography

Playful.  That’s the word that comes to mind first when I think about Adam and Jill’s session and look through the pics.  They make each laugh…a lot…and often.  It was no challenge at all to get these guys to snuggle up with each other and let loose and have a good time.  They were quick to share big smiles, playful kisses, and sweet tender moments.  I had so much fun with you guys and can’t wait for your wedding to get here!  Hope you guys enjoy these!

Jill…you’re pretty darn gorgeous.  Just thought you should know.

Love this….

Told ya they loved to laugh…

How cute is this?!?!?

Cox Creek, KY

Loved hanging on the farm with you guys!  If you ever need any extra couples to hang around the bonfire with you…give us a call!  Can’t wait to see you guys again soon!

Happy Smiles!

It’s true…we mostly shoot weddings!  But…every now and then we go outside our norm and snag a few snapshots of friends, families, kiddos, and everything in between.  Every now and then we’ll let a few of those fun shots sneak onto our blog.  So here’s a quick glance at some from day full of sessions that we shot.  Some are sweet, some are cute, some are funny, but all of them are awesome!  Enjoy!

Grant & Brittany: ENGAGED! | Louisville Engagement Photography

I’m highly highly upset.  Why, you might ask?  Well because this couple is gorgeous, tons of fun, unbelievably kind, and a blast to be around and their wedding is not until June of 2013.  So it’s going to feel like an eternity before we get to hang out with them again.

So despite my deep sadness, I am RIDICULOUSLY proud of these images.  Seriously, some of them are some of my favorite shots ever.  Brittany and Grant are just too beautiful for words.  Of course their smiles are amazing, and they fit together like a glove…but I’m talking about this one-of-a-kind, truly special, you don’t find everyday kind of love that just oozes out of them.  It’s no secret we like to keep things close in our esessions.  We like the intimacy and sweetness of it, but these two….they didn’t need any coaching.  They laughed, they were creative, the light was awesome…and the result turned out to be maybe my favorite engagement session ever.  Yeah…I just went there.

So Brittany, I know you like pictures…so here is a big, massive blog post…and just because there was NO WAY I could narrow it down enough, there is a slideshow at the end that everyone would be missing out if they didn’t watch it!  So enjoy…I know we did!


See…told you they were beautiful!


Meet Bella.  She hated me…but she at least got over her angst long enough to pose for some super sweet pics with mom and dad!



My gosh I love how cute they are together!






And how cute is Brittany to bring all of these awesome props to our shoot!  We LOVED this banner!  Cute idea for save the dates, right?



I don’t think our light could’ve been any more perfect.



Quick outfit change and lots more fun to be had!



Mr. & Mrs.




Grant actually found and bought this little prop.  Something simple, perfect for him…perfect together.



UMMMMM…..ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?  I couldn’t believe it when they told me they could do the “dirty dancing” lift.  So naturally, I said, “Prove it.”  They did…MIND BLOWN!



Uhhh…love everything about this shot.



An old picture frame out in a field…why yes, I do believe that is a fabulous idea!



One final outfit change and some pictures at sunset.  Yes…be jealous…my job is the coolest.



Brittany…you are FREAKING GORGEOUS.  Like it’s not fair to the rest of us…so knock it off would ya?


Louisville, KY

So, was I right or was I right?  Told you these were gorgeous pics, but more important a gorgeous couple.  Can we just do a shoot once a month of you guys?  14 months is just ENTIRELY too long to wait to do this again.  Thanks guys, we had a blast…hope you love them all!


(trust me…you don’t want to miss this)

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sarah - April 16, 2012 - 7:00 pm

Love the one of the dog in the middle of them kissing. Seriously soo cute! The props add personality to these as well, annnnd the light is captured gorgeously! Wonderful set!