Cullen & Ashley: ENGAGED! | Louisville Engagement Photographer

Big hearts, spirited personalities, smiling faces, amazing good looks, and a serious passion for each other.  That’s Cullen and Ashley.  She works with 2 year olds (which I can personally testify requires a lot of patience!) and he is a special education math and science teacher.  They have a ridiculous gift of loving people and making everyone feel great.  I just had the priveledge of being around them for a little more than an hour and it was easy to tell that these two are meant to be together and more importantly that they are going to have a huge impact on the world.  I’m sure anyone who has ever met them can of course testify to how sweet and perfect their love is for each other.  In fact, they fit like a glove together.  At one point during our session I tried to put Cullen on the opposite side of Ashley and they both laughed and explained that he is ALWAYS to her left.  Everything just feels off if he is on the wrong side…like they suddenly don’t remember how to hold hands.  It was hilarious…but also very very sweet and endearing.  They are already like a sweet little old married couple who has found their place in each other’s arms for eternity.  I would love to see them in 70 years still holding hands the same way, still laughing, and still loving each other as much as they did this day.  Congrats to you guys!

Andrew & Casey: ENGAGED! | Louisville Photography

We just love photographing people in love.  Seriously…it’s the best.  Andrew and Casey are sweet, HILARIOUS, gorgeous, and perfectly fit the description of people in love.  It goes against every fiber in Casey’s being to be photographed.  Andrew wanted engagement pictures done, but Casey was dead set against it.  But because she loves him oh so much, she decided to get with me secretly and surprise him with a mini engagement session.  Andrew had no idea.  And even when they showed up and he saw me with a camera he still didn’t quite know what was happening.  My advise though, Casey:  GET IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA MORE OFTEN!  Girl, you are a knock-out, and when that handsome man of yours puts his arms around you, your smile only gets bigger!

I love how you two are playful, honest, sweet with each other.  You love each other, you make each other laugh, and you each make the other a better person.  I’m so happy that I was able to spend a little time with you guys and capture some great shots.  ENJOY!

My favorite!

The only problem I see in their upcoming marriage is she is a cards fan and he is a cat’s fan.  (I knew I liked him for some reason)  He’ll have to control his desire to rub all of the cats wins in her face so she doesn’t get too upset!   😀

Casey - October 22, 2012 - 12:11 pm

love love love it!!! thank you a million for doing these ! they are fantastic !

Sean & Billie: AN ENGAGEMENT!

This was a first ever for us.  We had never shot an ACTUAL engagement/proposal before.  Sure we had shot many an engagement session, but never the actual moment when the question was asked.  So it was a pretty big moment for us….and of course for them as well. 🙂

Sean and I had been working on the details of this moment for months.  Even the night before we were on the phone going over all possible scenarios that could ruin the SURPRISE that was to be!  I am proud to say the big moment was pulled off successfully without a hitch!  She was shocked, he was elated, and I was lucky enough to catch it all!



We started things off just like a basic, normal, couples session.  We wanted Billie to be comfortable in what she “thought” was going to go down.

They’re pretty cute together.

Then after getting the signal from me once I got her in the right position…IT HAPPENED!

Billie was so shocked she didn’t even know how to react!

Then there was lots of emotions.  Tears, smiles, giggles, and lots of snuggles!

Sean is actually my husband’s cousin.  And I used to be his baby-sitter.  So this was a special moment anyway, but in all the years I have known him I have never seen him smile like this!  I think this was easily the happiest day of his life!

I would also like to point out that Sean planned every detail to this day perfectly.  Right down to picking out, purchasing and putting together their perfectly coordinated outfits!

Louisville, KY

The Riverside, Farnsley-Moreman Landing provided a gorgeous backdrop for a wonderful day.  We are so happy for you guys and can not wait to get the ball rolling on planning your big day.  I know it will be every bit as perfect as this day was.  Congratulations!

Brad & Kelley: ENGAGED! | Louisville Engagement Photographers

Seriously, could these two be any cuter?!?!?  Kelley is an old friend of mine whom I have always adored.  We grew up together, played sports together, went on countless trips with our team, and shared many many laughs over lots of years.  Kelley has always been a beautiful girl, and now that she is “all grown-up” she is more beautiful than ever.  She has the sweetest spirit and the best laugh.  I just love being around her, and even though it has been years since we have hung out, I could not have enjoyed hanging with her anymore.  Brad, I have known you all of about 45 minutes and I am in love with you.  You are funny, considerate, thoughtful, you treat Kelley like a princess, and you are quite handsome too.  I could not be more excited for my old and new friend.  I’m so glad you guys have found each other and can’t wait to see the amazing things you are going to do together!

Adam & Jill: MARRIED! | Louisville Wedding Photographers

If there were a dictionary to define sweet, kind, generous, giving, loving, fun, compassionate, wonderful people…beside the definition would sit a picture of Jill and Adam.  These two are people that you hope when your kids grow up, they become kind hearted people just like them.  From the day we met Jill she has been nothing short of thoughtful and sweet.  In fact, on HER wedding day, she called and needed to make a slight change to the wedding timeline.  It was no problem and and easy fix, but what impressed me most above the fact that she took the time out to call me and check, was the fact that as she was getting off of the phone, she asked, “is there anything else I can do for you guys?”  And she genuinely meant it.  Here it is, her wedding day, and she is asking me if there is anything I need?  Are you kidding me?  Crazy girl…that’s our job!  But that is just what I have come to know from Jill.  Her heart beats for people and she loves serving.  My first interaction with Adam was through an email he sent us shortly after Jill decided to book us.  He just wanted to send over a quick note and say how excited he was to have us as his photographer and has loved looking at our work.  Something no other groom has done in the past…that’s for sure!  But Adam didn’t stop there, he commented on other’s couples pictures on facebook about how great the pictures were and how it got him excited for their upcoming engagement session and wedding.  And on the wedding day…I bet Adam thanked us 20 times for being there and making “him and Jill look great.”  These two really are sweethearts.  I can honestly say we enjoyed every second of their day.  I hope these pictures are everything that they deserve.  So allow me to finally say, “thank you.”  You guys are the clients that we dream about!

Hair/Make-Up:  Xscape Salon and Spa

Flowers and Decorations:  Flourish

Ceremony:  Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church

Reception/Catering:  Woodhaven Country Club

DJ:  Complete Music

First Dance:  God Gave Me You, Blake Shelton

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Jill - September 16, 2012 - 12:11 am

Raquel!! You are too sweet with your comments about us! A huge thank you to both you and Elizabeth for taking pictures that literally took my breath away! The pictures on the blog are so beautiful, I cant wait to see the rest! You guys were so amazing and made us feel completely at ease, thank you not only for the beautiful pictures, but for being so awesome from the moment we met. My best and favorite decision during wedding planning was chosing All Angles to capture our wedding day forever in pictures. Amazing pictures and even more amazing photographers, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!