Travis & Jessica: MARRIED!

So this one was a little different for us.  But we in no way would have traded this experience for the world!  Both Travis and Jessica are members of our United States Army.  So for a moment, we would just like to take a quick pause to say, “thank you.”  I know you all don’t get told that enough, and not that our little attempt at gratitude even matters…but know that what you all have sacrificed is more than we could ever ask or imagine and we are forever grateful!

OK…now to the fun stuff.  You see when we shot this wedding, these two were actually already married.  Yep…you read that right.  These two fell in love years ago, but while in the service they were both about to be deployed to separate districts(?) in Iraq.  In order for them to have any rights to each other in case (God forbid) anything happen, they had to be married.  So in a little small ceremony in Denver, Colorado, they committed forever to each other.

But deep down, as all little girls do, Jessica had a dream about having that fairy-tale, happily-ever-after, cinderella story, wedding.  And Travis was determined to give that to her.  This time….they were pulling out all the stops.  Her dress, the details…and PHOTOGRAPHY were among the most important things to have at this wedding, so…Jess…we hope you got all you ever dreamed of.  You deserve it.

Told you these details were AWESOME!

Elizabethtown Wedding PhotographerElizabethtown Wedding PhotographyLouisville Wedding PhotograperElizabethtown Wedding PhotographyElizabethtown Wedding PhotographerElizabethtown Wedding Photography

The putting on of the dress is always one of our favorite moments of the day….there is just something about “that moment” that changes everything about how the rest of the day feels.

Elizabethtown Wedding Photographer

Jessica, really?  I mean you are making the rest of us look bad with those stunning good looks!  Knock it off already…K?

Elizabethtown Wedding Photography9


Elizabethtown Wedding Photography11

We actually don’t have words to describe this next shot….

Elizabethtown Wedding Photography

Oh….and you wanted to see her good looking hubby?  OK OK….here ya go!

Elizabethtown Wedding PhotographerElizabethtown Wedding PhotographyElizabethtown Wedding Photographer

We know, we know….you have heard us say it a dozen times now…but we LOVE LOVE LOVE when couples elect to see each other before the ceremony.  It just allows so much more freedom to get those great shots that everyone desires from their wedding, without the stress of time limits for the reception, limo, etc. etc.  It really is worth giving it a thought…. 😉

Here’s some evidence:

Elizabethtown Wedding PhotographyElizabethtown Wedding PhotographerElizabethtown Wedding PhotographyElizabethtown Wedding PhotographerElizabethtown Wedding PhotographyElizabethtown Wedding Photographer

Oh, and you want to see our suggestion for a good idea for a great canvas print?  Well…..


Elizabethtown Wedding Photography

And talk about gorgeous ceremony….Jess…you nailed that!

Elizabethtown Wedding Photographer

Elizabethtown Wedding Photography

We love receptions!  People totally throw their pride out the window and just let loose for the night!  Travis and Jessica and their friends and family certainty didn’t disappoint either!

Elizabethtown Wedding PhotographerElizabethtown Wedding Photography

Jess….you rock!

Elizabethtown Wedding Photographer

And we certainly wish you guys a happily ever after…

Elizabethtown Wedding Photography

Elizabethtown, KY

Again, we cannot say thank you enough for what you two have given for this country, and for us.  We were beyond honored when you asked us to be a part of something so special to you you guys.

From what we could tell, your day flowed perfectly from start to finish, and we just hope that all of your dreams came true!  We’re glad you got the opportunity to hire a photographer for this wedding, (even more excited that it was us!) but we sincerely hope that we did our part to help you in this version of your perfect fairy-tale!

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