Thomas and Megan: MARRIED! | Indiana Wedding Photography

Do you ever meet someone in this life and just know you have met someone special?  That was Megan and Thomas for us.  They are genuinely some of the sweetest, most thoughtful and genuine people we have had ever the pleasure of photographing.  Thomas is a sweet and sensitive, hopeless romantic.  Megan is funny and has some fiercely loyal friends…which I think says a lot about what kind of friend she is!  It was a beautiful setting on a beautiful day for an even more beautiful couple.  We loved being a part of this day.  Thank you for the opportunity…and thank you for being you guys!  Enjoy!


Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Thomas had already been spoiling Megan with gifts delivered all day every hour on the hour, but this one was one of the most amazing and thoughtful gifts we had ever seen.  Thomas had this custom wooden box commissioned then filled with letters for every major milestone they will cross in their future together.  First anniversary.  First Dog.  First Home. Fifth Anniversary.  First Child.  Tenth Anniversary.  Twenty Fifth Anniversary. Fiftieth Anniversary.  Ladies, find you a man like that.  Marry that man.  Marry the man that has such confidence in your marriage that he writes you a note on your wedding day that he intends for you to read on your fiftieth anniversary.  All.  The.  Tears.


After a beautiful day and a GORGEOUS reception was under way, the worst happened.  Thomas was struck with a horrendous migraine!  But he was absolutely determined to not miss his celebration, or disappoint his new bride.  So in between dark room hide-aways, therapeutic massages, and soft music and sunglasses he came out for their first dance.  Then would have to retreat for a bit again before coming back out for the next event.  Thomas, your heart and determination was something special to see.  Megan, the way you stood by and supported your brand new husband, loving him no matter what is just a beautiful example of what an incredible wife you are going to be.  You two really have something special and I cam so excited to see what the Lord continues to do in and through you guys!


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