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If ever you could picture a couple who would grow old together, sitting on their front porches, laughing, smiling, hand in hand….it’s these two.  They make each other laugh like no one else can.  There is an un-denyable “comfortableness” (I don’t think that’s a word, but it should be…:D) that they have with each other.  They are not overly extravagant, or overly outspoken.  In fact, Jordan was so worried about all the attention being on her today that she feared she might pass out!  But together, these two are so relaxed, simple, and sweet that everything just flows naturally for them.  And we, as the guests on this day…just got to sit back and watch something new and beautiful come together.  It was awesome!

ummmm…..the word stunning doesn’t do you justice.

BOOM!  Look at those eyes!

We really couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather for a late March wedding!  Not too hot, not too cold…PERFECTION!

I loved watching you two together.  The following pics are how love should be.  Yesterday, your wedding day, EVERY DAY.

Shawn…you’re look quite handsome yourself!

Their bridal party was TONS of fun!  But I should probably explain the two images on the right….Jordan and Shawn were married on March 31, 2012.  And while this day may seem like a perfectly fine, normal day to get married, If you are from KY you know why this day was pretty significant.  This day was the day of the big Final Four Showdown between the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville.  And in this state…people are passionate about their basketball!  So either you bleed blue, or glow red.  You either shout Cats, or spell C-A-R-D-S!  So, in respect to the BIG GAME…everyone had to show their alliances!  Since the bride and groom are UofL allums…they of course were hoping for a victory for the “dirty birds”, but a few of Jordan’s bridesmaids were die hard Cat fans!  And just for fun…I have to say…GO BIG BLUE!

How gorgeous is this church?!?!?!

And even though we had already done a “first look” with the gorgeous bride and groom, we wanted to take advantage of this awesome sunset, and snag a few more shots at Big Springs Country Club!  So glad we did!

Then we partied the night away!  So much fun!  There were tears and lots of laughter….GREAT GREAT NIGHT!

The night was capped with a perfect send off with sparklers and Jordan and Shawn….well they will live happily ever after!

Salon:  Inch by Inch Salon

Florist: Nanz and Kraft

Ceremony:  Christ Church United Methodist

Reception and Catering:  Big Springs Country Club

First Dance:  God Gave Me You

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