Rob & Shannon: MARRIED!

It’s day’s like this one where we realize why we do what we do.  Thanks Rob and Shannon….you guys are a perfect example to the world of what it’s all about.  You two are both gorgeous people on your own, but when you two came together…it was pure magic.  Your smiles grew larger, your laughs grew louder, and we were left in amazement.  You two truly are better together than apart.  Which, in case you didn’t know…is perfection.

Shannon and Rob said “I Do” at The Gillespie in Downtown Louisville.  Thank you by the way for choosing a perfect location.

Shannon had hands down the best reaction to putting her dress on of any bride yet.  She went through the whole host of emotions.  Everything from tears to big toothy grins!  It seems like when your dress was on it hit you that, “today’s the day” and you just were loving every minute of it.  It was great!

Shannon, you’re gorgeous.  Period.

Girl…you have the most contagious, gorgeous, huge, beautiful smile.  And it incredibly contagious to anyone around.  Love it!

It was a very windy day, which made for a lot of fighting with the veil.  But it also made for some incredible shots too, like this one!

Look at those colors!

What does really tall buildings and cute guys in tuxes equal?  You tell me…

Hey Rob…You’re a pretty good lookin’ guy!  Just sayin’…  🙂

And there’s always a little room for a little bit of fun…

And just because there was some awesome furniture, and an awesome bride, here’s just a few more of Shannon…

See told ya she has the biggest smile ever!  Don’t ya just want to smile looking at this?!?!?  I do!  😉

How fun is this?

Talk about your dream wedding venue!  I think they NAILED IT!!!

Love the emotion of Shannon in this shot.  Taken right after the ceremony in an embrace with her mom….PRECIOUS!

Finally to the best of the best!  These two are nothing short of absolute perfection when together!


Shannon, never, ever, ever, EVER, stop enjoying life the way you do.  K?  K.

You guys are cute.  Just are.

I hope this photo causes you guys to have a rush of emotions when you remember this exact moment in your lives.

And it seems like a fitting end to their fairytale day to ride off into the night in a horse drawn carriage.  I couldn’t think of a better ending.  Congrats on your happily ever after.

Louisville, KY

Shannon and Rob have an incredible impact on everyone around them.  They enrich the lives of everyone they cross paths with and we are truly greatful that their paths crossed ours.

We have actually known Shannon for quite a while, as we volunteer together at church.  And we have always loved Shannon…she lives life to the full and it is just exciting to be around her.  But the day Rob came into her life, Shannon went to a whole other level.  Watching those two together is truly inspiring.  They have an intoxicating love that is easy to see and easy for them to get lost into.  Just do us a favor and don’t ever lose that.  We truly hope that 50 years from now you two are still looking into each other’s eyes with the same passion as you did this day.  You will have some tough times along the way and there will be some tough uphill climbs, but hand in hand, we are more than confident that you two can accomplish anything.  Don’t ever give up on each other…because no matter what, it will be worth it.

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Shink - April 18, 2010 - 8:30 pm

oh wow! i knew y’all were excellent but holy moly! you’ve taken it to a whole new level. thank you so much for being a part of our day & for making it all the more enjoyable. i can’t wait to see more 🙂

Debbie Finney - April 19, 2010 - 6:29 pm

Oh My Gosh! Shan said you guys were the best……. she missed it! You are way way past that! These pics are beautiful! and did you not just capture some of the most incredible moments, lights, looks, colors,…… I LOVE IT! Hope this adventure takes off in a big way for you all. You have got what it takes! But, you’re right, you had the most incredible couple to feed off of…. speaking as Shannon’s mom, I know!

Sharon - April 19, 2010 - 7:52 pm

Shannon and Rob —

Congratulations —- your wedding was beautiful — I’m so glad your mom sent me the website. I’m really sorry we missed the actual wedding, but the pics made me feel like I was there.

Hope you two are as happy as Dan’l and I are — 39 years later. God bless you both, and bless your marriage — it really IS worth every year of it, good and bad.

Love you both,

Sharon and Dan’l

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