Rob & Elizabeth: MARRIED! | Louisville Wedding Photography

When the bride is wearing a stunning soft pink dress with fabulous pink dancing shoes…AND she works for Disney…you just know this is going to be an AMAZING wedding!  It didn’t dissapoint either!

We actually didn’t have the chance to meet Elizabeth and Rob before their big day because the both live in Florida.  Sometimes, that makes me a little nervous for how things will go, but honestly, Elizabeth and Rob could not possibly be any more incredible.  They are funny, flexible, considerate, kind, gorgeous, sweet people.  It is evident by their HUGE bridal party.  I always think that is such a cool testament to how you live your life.  When you have that many family and friends excited to be a part of your special day, its pretty incredible.

So many awesome things about this day.  To start…a subtle pink wedding gown?!?!  YES PLEASE!

Seriously, how unbelievably beautiful is Elizabeth?!  Despite the fact that it was FREEZING outside, Elizabeth toughed it out for a few pics that we hope she thinks was worth it!

The first look.  Always.  Easily my favorite moment of the day.  We love, love LOVE seeing the couples first reactions and sweet moments.

You guys make a crazy adorable couple!  Although, I’m sure you already know that!

Look out!  Smokin’ hot man in a tux!  But what makes Rob even more amazing than his phenominal good looks?  The fact that he is SUCH a nice guy.  He loves to smile.  And I can’t tell you how many times we heard throughout the day about how good of a friend he is.  Loyal, funny, caring, and good looking…WELL DONE ELIZABETH!

Love shooting at Caldwell Chapel.  Always makes a beautiful backdrop!

Some silliness with boys!

This was our first time shooting at the Muhammed Ali Center.  It was AWSOME!  The venue in itself is such a cool place.  I can’t wait to go back there and just check it out, but the ballroom where Elizabeth and Rob had their reception was to die for!  They had it decorated beautifully, and the picturesque backdrop window views of the city just put it over the top!  Seriously one of the most gorgeous receptions we have EVER attended!

The day was filled with so many sweet memories for everyone.  But this one was pretty great!  Elizabeth’s cousins got together and practiced without her knowing and sang to her, “You Are So Beautiful” at the reception and KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!

The toasts were filled with so much laughter, thought and good memories.  Rob’s best man told hilarious stories of Rob, but ended it by proving his point that Rob will forever be determined to be the best possible husband he can be to Elizabeth.  Then, Mike, Elizabeth’s dad got up and brought the whole room to tears with his sweet toast.  Finally we were back in stitches again when Elizabeth’s sisters got up and sang her their own version of “I’ve Got Friends, In Low Places.”  It was all so perfect!

Thank you guys so much for allowing us to be a small part of such an incredible day.  We wish you both a lifetime of happiness, fun and love.  (And we’ll be sure to say hi next time we’re at Disney!)

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