Noah & Brittney: MARRIED! | Louisville Wedding Photography

I’m just going to go ahead and say it.  It simply does not get better anywhere in the world than Kentucky in the Fall.  It is simply beautiful.  The light, the colors…all of it…perfection.  While I agree that photographing on a beach is pretty great, I’ll take my beautiful Kentucky any day.  (Although if you would like for us to accompany you to the beach for some gorgeous photos…we certainly wouldn’t complain!)


Noah and Brittney, you guys made this day all the more perfect.  With your great big smiles, your non-stop laughter, your sweet cuddliness, and your perfect family and friends, we simply were just smitten.  We had such a blast being a part of your day!  We definitely created memories we will never forget from your wedding.  I hope you guys took the time to soak it all in and savor every moment that was your wedding day!  If not, hopefully these pics will jog your very recent memory and you’ll look at them and smile!


Who doesn’t love special hand-made touches and cowboy boots?

Little Ms. Lexi was so great during mom and dad’s wedding day!  And seriously?  Could she be any cuter?!?!

Brittney, please smile more.  Girl, your smile lights up the world!  Smile big, smile confidently and know you are GORGEOUS!

I love laughing pictures.  It just shows the happiness that was in that moment!

Oh Kentucky…how I love you in the fall.

The first look….

Noah could not take his eyes off of his gorgeous bride.

I love how easily you two make each other smile.

So…funny story.  We are moving right along, grabbing some gorgeous pics in the perfect light and perfect color of the trees behind us.  Then we start hearing this low rumble that is getting closer and closer and louder and louder.  We turn to see, about 20 feet away from us, a giant bulldozer plowing through the trees!  After he saw us, and we picked ourselves up from heart-attacks and laughter, he shut it down and allowed us to finish our portraits.  But whew!  Glad we got out there when we did and he didn’t cut our trees down!

Probably my favorite from the day.  You should get this in a canvas and hang it in your house.  K?  K!

Always have this much fun together.  Always.

Noah, you have the BEST smile.  I’m pretty sure that is why Brittney fell in love with you.  I love how easily it comes too.  Stay happy, stay handsome, stay awesome!

Noah’s guys were a trip!  I asked them to pose with their suspenders.  What I got was a mini model photo-shoot.  Work it guys!

Daddy and his sweet little princess!

Probably one of the most attractive bridal parties ever!

Their ceremony was filled with love, laughter, and Jesus.  Kind of a perfect start to exactly how the rest of their marriage should go.

It’s official!

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