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Not even two months ago, I posted this gorgeous engagement session.  I promised you then that there would be pretty things, pretty people, and a whole lot of awesome!  I can say that without a doubt, I kept good on my promise!  Mariah and Nathan chose one of our favorite locations downtown, the Frazier History Museum as the backdrop for their ceremony.  It’s got a beautiful city view and a fun and cozy spot, perfect for the reception.

From the moment we arrived, we could see that no detail had been left untouched.  There were sweet letters exchanged, personalized card boxes, hand stitched garter’s, and most importantly smiles on everyone’s faces.  This was going to be spectacular.

I hope Nathan and Mariah enjoy these images for years to come as much as we enjoyed taking them!  Thank you so much for allowing us to be a small part of it.  You guys rock!

STOP.  IT.  Too much gorgeous in one photo.

Mariah is not the first bride we’ve ever had who elected to do a first look with her daddy.  But I will say it was one of my favorite we have done!  So much emotion.  So much tenderness and sweetness!  This girl is a daddy’s girl to fullest.

It was an emotional few minutes for Mariah, but the next pictures show why Nathan is the perfect match for her.  While daddy was making her cry, Nathan was there to make her laugh.  These two just have a natural, easy way about them.  They make each other laugh, feel comfortable and know that each of them can totally and 100% be themselves and be loved.  Watching you two was sweet.

The way you look at each other…..yes.

Such a stud!

These guys….

Such a fun group….I won’t tell you guys what was sad to get their laughs and reactions in some of the following photos…but let’s just say, it’s one I’ve never heard, and one I’ll never forget!

My sister happened to be the Matron of Honor in this wedding, so naturally I’m a little partial, but I happen to think that this might be the prettiest 3 gals in the history of ever all in one photo!

And they’re pretty hilarious too!

I couldn’t resist just a few more shots on the roof after they officially became Mr. & Mrs.  So glad we didn’t pass this moment up!

Party Time!

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