Mike & Jaclyn: MARRIED!

Jaclyn and Mike’s big day had finally arrived, and despite this crazy June heat we have had, the day went perfectly.  Jaclyn could not have been more beautiful and Mike could not have looked any studlier (if that’s a word… 😉 ) and when the two of them came together, it was a thing of beauty.  They elected to see each other before the ceremony in what we call a “first look.”  And I think if you ask them…they would agree that it was one of the best decisions they could’ve made.  And based on the pictures….we couldn’t agree more.  😉  Finding couples this much in love and this genuine are far and few between.  You guys seriously rock!

This shot is definitely in my top 5 favorite ring shots ever!

Let’s see what are the required ingredients to have  a perfect wedding in June?  Perfect Dress?  Yes?  OK…Check that off the list!

Ingredient #2…Gorgeous Bride…Check Check

#3…Perfect Couple who are so sweet, so good looking, and so funny that it almost makes you sick! (ya know…in that awesome sort-of way)  Yep, mark that off…

#4.  Find a cool place to stroll and take pics….Yup!  Got that too!

#5….Smokin’ Prince Charming?  Yes, Please!


#7.  Lots of Super Sweet Emotion and Tender Kisses

#8.  Cool, Yummy Cakes.  Check Mark!

#9.  In order to have a successful perfect wedding, you must must MUST have great music and great dancing.  Jaclyn and Mike NAILED that!

Louisville, KY

Finally #10….GREAT PHOTOGRAPHERS!  Just kidding!  😉

Seriously the 10th and final ingredient is an uncompromising, crazy, passionate, kind, gentle, beautiful, inspiring LOVE like no one else.  While Jaclyn and Mike perfected everything else as well, this was the thing they did best!  We loved being a part of every minute of your special day and we look forward to seeing all the amazing things you are going to accomplish together.  It should be fun to watch!  Love you guys!

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