Lana & Clayton: ENGAGED!

Really?  Couples this much in love, this good looking, this funny, this AWESOME do not really exist!  Or at least that is what we thought until we met Lana & Clayton.  These two are just perfect examples of what happy couples should be.  While they are both incredibly independent, you can see how much they need each other.  They are a perfect balance and we can’t wait until their December wedding!  (really just so we can hang out with them again!)

Our philosophy, you are never too old to play on a playground.  And Lana and Clayton jumped all over the opportunity.truesdell_e005txtruesdell_e010

Stud Muffin alert….comin’ atcha!truesdell_e024

Who doesn’t love slides?  And a little awesome light helps too!truesdell_e042truesdell_e064truesdell_e095tx

Seriously?  Could this pic be any more adorable?truesdell_e132truesdell_e161



So we saw this house….thought it rocked….so we trespassed.  Just a little.  



After a quick outfit chage we decided to go a little more urban.  We’ll just warn you guys:  Lana and Clayton, rocked out some serious awesome in the next few shots!truesdell_e236tx

The story here:  we love when girls do a little “leg pop” during the kiss shots.  So we told Lana to “pop” one here.  Clayton was jealous.  He wanted to “pop” it too….so just for you Clayton.  Your glory shot!truesdell_e244truesdell_e244atruesdell_e261txtruesdell_e300

We told you they were hot!truesdell_e306truesdell_e318

Louisville, KY.

Lana, you have one of the most amazing sense of styles we’ve come across yet.  And to top it off….you are unbelievably GORGEOUS!  

Clayton, you definitely have the award for the funniest groom yet.  He had us in stitches all night.  

Together you two are super modern, funny, sexy, laid back, sweet, and AMAZING.  It was such an honor to hang with you guys for the evening.  The two of you could not have made our jobs any easier.  It really is crazy that getting to hang with couples like you guys is our job.  How lucky are we?

Again, thank you guys so much.  We are soooooooooo excited for December!

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Julie Peters - May 23, 2009 - 1:46 pm

You guys take it to another level with every shoot! FAN-freakin-tastic!

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