Kaysie & William: MARRIED! | Lexington Wedding Photography

A navy blue suit on a handsome groom. A beautiful bride with a smile from ear to ear. Familiar faces that we’ve been privileged to photograph several times. Wine. Fun. Lexington horse country. A gorgeous Kentucky barn.  The chill of a November day.  How could we go wrong?!

With Kaysie and William it just comes easy.  It’s rare that we photograph a sweet couple that puts US at ease, but with these two, we just get to sink into the moment and truly enjoy what we are blessed to be able to call our “job.”

If you dropped Kaysie and William off at a run down factory they would make it look incredible, but on this day in early November we were blessed with a stunning, classic Kentucky barn nestled into a beautiful vineyard in the middle of Lexington in late Fall.  Let’s just say all the stars aligned and the ingredients were all there for us to score some stunning pictures of their perfect day.  It was a dream come true and we sincerely hope they love these images for a lifetime ahead.




Kaysie you are absolutely stunning.  Breath-taking.


Nothing beats a first look.  It’s always my favorite.  Always a highlight.  Our hope is always that we capture in in such a way that our brides and grooms will forever be able to remember exactly how they felt in this snapshot of time.


Please order a canvas of this image.  I mean….REALLY.


Or either of these.  I will allow you to get either of these of in canvas options too!


Those eyes…that suit…Kaysie you hit the jackpot with this stud!


Such a fun crew!


Get outta here with this place.  We were in heaven!


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