Josh & Kelsey: MARRIED! | Louisville Wedding Photographers

Sometimes there is just a sweetness that warms your heart when you look at photographs.  You know those ones that just bring a soft smile to your face?  Even if you don’t know Kelsey and Josh, I can guarantee that just one glance at this couple will make you happy, knowing that true, young love still exists.  Josh and Kelsey just have a way about them that pulls you in.  It’s easy to get lost in Kelsey’s beautiful eyes, gorgeous smile and simple laughter.  Josh has an easy going way about him that you can’t help but relax and be yourself around.  Together these two light up any room they come into together and the world is a better place for it.  It was our true joy to capture this day for them.  (Especially because Kelsey is family!)  We hope they will forever remember this day for the perfection that it was and continue to smile, hand in hand.

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