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If there ever was a definition of a perfect couple…Jon and Sarah fit it perfectly.  Separate, these two are phenomenal people who we are extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to know.  But together…wow…together, these two are perfect for each other.  Have you ever met couples who you just know belong together…almost like they really were put here on this earth, just to compliment one another?  That’s Sarah and Jon.  And everyone agrees.  Just eavesdropping around their reception as people were mingling around, one thing was a favorite topic:  how perfect these two were together and how happy everyone was to finally see them married!  We couldn’t be more happy for the two of you and the love you have found together.  We really hope you guys know how fortunate you are to have found something this special.  Don’t ever take it for granted.  Hold each other as tight 50 years from now as you did on this day.  Smile, laugh, and love hard…but most of all, enjoy the journey of the rest of your lives together hand in hand.

For now…enjoy the pics!


Great Shoes and a Tire Swing…what more could I ask for?!?!?!

Prepare yourselves for the sweetest, most-adorable, beautiful first looks ever.  Seriously.

I love how you make each other smile.

Maybe one of my favorite pictures ever.  Like really, ever.

Could you be any more gorgeous?

Jon has one of the best smiles.  Sarah be excited you get to look at that for the rest of your life!

Fun times with the bridal party!

Details! Details!

Click here for a full slidesow!  Trust me…you don’t want to miss this one!

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Cathy Benefield - September 24, 2011 - 7:24 pm

These are so beautiful. Enjoyed them so. Thanks

Christine - November 12, 2011 - 8:21 pm

Love the outdoor shots of the couple.

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