Jeremy & Megan: MARRIED!

It was FINALLY wedding day!  We met these two through a mutual friend and instantly loved them.  Jeremy and Megan love God, love people, and love each other with HUGE hearts and it is evident to every one around.  It was a day filled with laughter and inspiration.  Jeremy and Megan, you guys are truly the type of couple we should all strive to imitate.  I hope we did your wedding day just a fraction of justice of what it deserved.  Thanks for being exactly who you are, just the way that you are.

This had to be hands down one of the most emotional “bride” reveals we have seen.  There is just something about Mom’s seeing their baby girls all grown up on their wedding day…and I think this mom, captured the enormity of that moment perfectly!

Why, hello there Gorgeous!

Megan, I must say you not only picked a smart, funny guy…but quite the handsome one also!

Megan and Jeremy elected to do a more “traditional” first look.  They wanted to set up the scene of her walking down the aisle, just as she would do for a normal wedding!  My thoughts:  PERFECTO!  These next few are from their first few moments together!

Then it was outside for a little bit o’ fun in the sun!

Megan, you are 10 different kinds of beautiful.

When we saw this fire truck left alone in the parking lot….HOW COULD WE RESIST?!?!?  Megan and Jeremy were total game for it…so we made a mad dash to get the shots done before we were caught!  I LOVE these!

Gee, I bet you are thinking to yourself…”you know what this post is missing?  An old, white and blue church bus would do the trick.”  Well, ask and ye shall receive!

I love how these two make each other laugh!



ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I think sparklers on a summer night is the perfect send off for these two!

Indianapolis, IN

So as these two left their trail of sparklers behind they were headed off on a tour of roller-coasters!  HOW FREAKIN’ FUN DOES THAT SOUND!?!?  They were going to be driving all over the place to different amusement parks on the search for the best roller coasters out there, then topping it all off at a Cubs game in Chicago!  (their favorite team, of course!)  I’m telling you all…it is a blast to be around these two wonderful people, and if you don’t know them yet…you should.  They will definitely make it worth your investment!

We seriously do with you two all the best.  You deserve every good and perfect gift that comes your all’s way!  Thanks for inviting us to share with you on the best day of your lives!  We can’t wait until our paths cross again!

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