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If I said the words: flawless, considerate, handsome, kind, thoughtful, gentle, funny, and sweet; who comes to mind? If Jason and Ashley don’t then you seriously need to consider adding them to your close inner circle of friends! They make everyone around them better, funnier, and happier. You can’t help but smile when you see these two together. Apart, they are equally stunning and astoundingly beautiful. But together, they can take on the world and I’m pretty sure they would win. They have killer good looks with easy-going, happy personalities that when combine, are big enough and awesome enough to influence everyone and everything around them. She is crazy about him and he adores her. It is this perfect little thing called love…and they have it. A lot of it. Congrats you guys…you deserve every bit of awesomeness that comes your way!


See…flawless, right?undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

You are unbelievably, gorgeous, timeless, and elegant.  Pay attention people; this is how it’s done.undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedCould they be any cuter?  In my oh so humble opinion…I certainly think not!

Jason is quite the dapper, suave, handsome fellow.  Don’t you think?

We see couples who often go all-out for their receptions where the details are concerned.  And these guys did that as well.  However, Jason and Ashley were more than careful to make sure that their ceremony was nothing anyone would soon forget.  There was a sea or rose-petals to show off every shade of pink.  Towers of candles and flowers were perfect tools to set up a complete and elegant intimate tone for the room.  They were careful to make sure that an otherwise nice but simple sanctuary was more an ideal location for their vows.  And…they nailed it!

Anytime candy bars, chocolate fountains, towers of cake, flowers, and every shade of pink combine….it will always be a thing of beauty!


These guys knew how to party.  A fun photo-booth with a few props got everyone in the mood to have a great time and the night took off from there!  We don’t normally showcase a lot of reception shots, but some of these guy’s dance moves were just too hot to resist!  So for your (hilarious) viewing pleasure….enjoy!

undefinedHAIR AND MAKE-UP:  Salon Delonjay

CEREMONY:  Graceland Baptist Church

RECEPTION:  The Calumet Club

CATERING:  The Catering Company

FLORIST:  Lloyd’s Florist

DJ SERVICES:  Masters of Music

FIRST DANCE: She’s Everything, Brad Paisley


Thank you guys so much for allowing us a part in your day.  I hope you are enjoying Antigua and all of the gorgeousness it has to offer!  Can’t wait to show you the rest when you get home!

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Shanna Simpson - June 23, 2011 - 2:32 pm

Stunning as always!! Love the flowers!

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