Grant & Brittany: MARRIED! | Kentucky Wedding Photography

We have been waiting FOREVER for this wedding.  Brittany and Grant were one of our most favorite engagement sessions we had ever shot, and it just felt like their wedding couldn’t get here soon enough.  To start, they are RIDICULOUSLY photogenic.  I really don’t know that I have ever seen two people who just “fit” together more perfectly.  But beyond that, and more importantly, we just LOVE being around these two.  They smile great big smiles, they laugh loudly, and they love passionately.  Every one of their friends were so excited to be a part of their day.  And why wouldn’t they?  It was a beautiful celebration for two amazingly beautiful people!  I really could talk about them all day, but I know you guys aren’t here to read, but to see some of these GORGEOUS pics…so I’ll shut up and you can start scrolling!

Brittany did a “first look” with her dad.  Needless to say there were tears all around.  For us too!  Seriously one of the sweetest moments I have ever been able to witness!

Brittany, I could totally say after every picture how stunningly beautiful you are.  You are absolutely breath-taking.  And because I think you may get tired of hearing me say it after every image, I won’t.  But know I’m thinking it, K?  😉

I love the first look.  The first moment a bride and groom see each other on their wedding day is the most perfect moment.  Always my favorite time of the day.

Poor Brittany was so overcome with emotion all day.  I loved that she was so emotionally attached to every second of her day.  But the moment she got to wrap her arms around Grant…it was all better for the rest of the day.

Seriously, how unbelievable gorgeous are these two?!?!?

Love you guys!

Grant does the most adorable thing ever when you take his picture.  He giggles.  It’s AWESOME!  He says his momma always told him to laugh and it would guarantee that it would be a natural, real smile.  She was right.  Grant, keep giggling, because you take the best pictures!

Seriously, can we borrow your guy’s friends?!?!  We had so much fun hanging out with them.  We would like to personally rent them out to be our friends.  And maybe make them honorary bridesmaid’s and groomsmen at every wedding we shoot!

I love your guy’s silliness!


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