David & April: MARRIED!

The long awaited post is finally here!  This is the 2nd edition of our crazy double wedding weekend!  So…here goes!

David and April, if you guys weren’t so FREAKIN’ awesome…there would’ve been no way we could’ve made it through the day!  But simply hanging with you guys and your AMAZING bridal party was so much fun, we didn’t have time to think about our ridiculously small amount of sleep!

April, you were nothing short of GORGEOUS!  You radiated a contagious smile and laughter all day, and everyone around you just stood in awe.  Your hair, your dress, your details, everything was just a perfect fit to make you one of the most glamorous brides we’ve ever had the pleasure of capturing.

David…there are no words!  There are rarely words to describe you, but today there really weren’t!  You had the funniest “slogan of the day” we’ve heard, which I’m sure shouldn’t be shared on this blog, but it sure provided lots of great laughs for us!  You looked stunning, and I know all of your dreams came true that day.  Congrats to you….I know how long you have wanted this.

Oh, that laugh and smile I mentioned about April….here it is.  At the salon….told ya it was with her all day!Clayton, GA

You are about to see more detail shots in one post than we have ever posted before, but, after you see these, I’m sure you’ll agree there was no way we could not show you these.Clayton, GAClayton, GAClayton, GAClayton, GA

April, seriously consider a future in modeling…k? K!Clayton, GA

Clayton, GAClayton, GA

Dear future all angles photography brides:  Please be awesome enough, willing enough, and ROCK-STARish enough to do something memorable in your bridal photos like this!  April, without hesitation…in fact she asked us if we were up for it…climbed onto the roof to finish up her portrait session.  The next shots….totally worth every second of it!

(disclaimer…no one was injured in the taking of the next several images)

Clayton, GAClayton, GAClayton, GA

love us some workin’ it out Bride’s Maids!

Clayton, GA

Well, hello there, stud!

Clayton, GAClayton, GA

Hot men+Hot Tuxes=Yummy Goodness!

Clayton, GA

We have yet to come across a ceremony that just isn’t completely beautiful, but David and April went above and beyond to make theirs uniquely personal and perfect reflection of them as people and as a couple.

PS….love this idea!!!

Clayton, GAClayton, GA

Why do the boring “smile and wave” down the aisle, when you can do this:

Clayton, GA

Clayton, GAClayton, GA

LOOOOOOOVE the “almost” kiss

Clayton, GA

Clayton, GA.

Yeah…you read that above line right….GEORGIA baby!  This wedding was elegant, beautiful, fun, fabulous, and everything we could hope for to make our 6 hour drive worth it!  David is actually Brian and Eric’s cousin, so while we would’ve been there anyway, it made it that much more special to us that David and April asked us to be a part of something so incredible.  And we are soooooo thankful they did.  The energy that these two give off just in everyday life is something truly special, but on this day…..it was almost magical.

David and April have been together for (I hope I’m right on this) 10 years!  This day had been a long time coming.  They have survived long-distance dating, David enlisting in the military and being deployed to Afghanistan, not to mention all the other crazy drama that comes with relationships…but through it all, their love has remained strong and finally, they can say for sure that they will be spending the rest of their lives together.

Thank you guys so much for asking us to be there for this.  It was so amazing to watch you guys throughout the day in anticipation of the future that is ahead.  We wouldn’t have missed this for the world!  Congrats to you both…..you guys really, honestly, and truly deserve every good thing that comes your way.

OK…normally we never EVER get, well allow really, pictures of us taken at a wedding….I mean we are there to shoot, not be shot!  But thanks to the fabulously, wonderful, Molly, the Bride’s Maid, we actually have some pretty amazing shots of us, and one AWESOME one of David and April….here is her work…

Clayton, GA

And here is Molly, workin’ the gear!

Clayton, GA


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Debra Campbell - August 12, 2009 - 9:15 pm

Raquel, Elizabeth, Brian and Eric,
Love the pictures! You guys are awesome and do great work! Thanks for all you did.

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