Darrick & Marie: MARRIED! | Louisville Wedding Photography

From casual chatter to deep conversations to the toasts, it was obvious to everyone in attendance that these two were destined for this day from early on in their relationship.  Darrick joked throughout the day that it took him a long time to convince Marie that he was the man for her…but judging from the pictures we took…she looked pretty smitten and was in no need of any convincing.  The way he holds and kisses her, the way she smiles at him, it’s beautiful.  These two are an amazing couple who love to laugh and can’t wait to spend their lives together.

I sense real potential problems in their future!

Hello stud!

These boys got some serious SWAG!

It’s lucky we didn’t cause a wreck with all these hot ladies in the street!

Marie’s boquet:  GORGEOUS!  She actually had all of the flowers picked fresh that morning at the local farmers market!  HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!

Seriously, could she be any more beautiful?

They were calling for some major storms in Louisville that day.  So everything had been set up for a intimate little indoor ceremony, but around 4:30, about an hour before the ceremony mind you, Marie looked at the clouds parting and made the executive decision to have the wedding outside!  I say….GOOD CALL!  It ended up being a BEAUTIFUL day!


As one bride’s maid put it…”this shot should be in a magazine!”  I couldn’t agree more…you guys look like you just straight stepped off the page of “Southern Weddings

I love everything about their pictures.  They are gorgeous, the light was warm and beautiful…everything was PERFECTION!

Louisville, KY

Their gorgeous little ceremony was held at Gingerwoods in Prospect, KY.  This setting could not have been more perfect.  I hope you two got everything you dreamed of from this day.  We were so thankful to be asked to be a part of something so special to you guys!  We hope you love all of these and can’t wait to show you the rest!!!

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sheila - November 3, 2012 - 6:15 pm

these pictures are gorgeous. My daughter was married at Gingerwoods as well. Love that place! Beautiful pics

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