Clayton & Lana: MARRIED!!!

Ok…we are  just going to say it.  We have the absolute, best, funniest, sweetest, most good looking, kind, compassionate, most awesome couples in the world!  We mean really, we have no idea how we keep getting blessed to come across these fabulous people, or why they would choose us to capture their big days….but we don’t question it!  We just thank God for the blessing of this job and the amazing people He allows us to come in contact with!

Lana and Clayton?  Definitely no exception to the above statement.  In fact, if we could pick one couple who completely exemplifies our dream couple to work with…it would be them, hands down.  Lana you are ridiculously gorgeous, funny and sweet, while Clayton may just be one of the kindest, most considerate, hilarious, groom’s we have ever put in front of the camera.  And when you two get together in front of our lens….magic happens!

See for yourself…

So Clayton couldn’t exactly figure out how to tie his tie to perfection.  Hey, that is what the good Lord created the internet and iPhone’s for, right?

Louisville Wedding Photography

After some good laughs…he finally got it!

Louisville Wedding Photograper

Meanwhile, while the boys were handling Clayton, Elizabeth and Raquel were rocking out some AWESOME with Lana.  With it being a whopping 20 degrees outside we were hard pressed to find a great place to do their portraits.  We finally decided on this little gem.  It is the Starks Building in downtown Louisville.  And it was perfection!

Lana…you owned this place!

New Albany Wedding PhotographerNew Albany Wedding PhotographyIndiana Wedding Photography

One of our favorite quotes from Lana all day was, “I honestly never thought I would have my wedding pictures taken on an escalator.”  Oh Lana dear, you never know what you will get with us!  But we must say, we never saw an escalator look this good!

Indiana Wedding PhotographerKentucky Wedding Photography

Now it was Clayton’s turn.  Ladies…allow us to remind you that he is now a married man!  Lana, there will now be lots of jealous women all over town!

Kentucky Wedding Photographer

Thanks to Clayton, we now call this pose…”The A.C. Slater.”

Wedding PhotographyWedding Photographer

ATTN:  Gentleman, you guys HAVE to go check out this great little place inside the Starks Building.  It is called Excutive Spa.  This is a great place for specifically men to feel comfortable in a “spa” setting.  They offer straight razor shaves, massages, and any other spa/salon service you can think of.  It has extremely cool, 1920’s-ish decor with cigars, pool table, chess, and lounge chairs all specifically tailored to men’s taste.  We were lucky enough to go inside for some awesome pics of Clayton, and a little more with Lana too later.  Check it!!!

Southern Indiana Wedding PhotographerSouthern Indiana Wedding PhotographyDowntown Louisville Wedding Photography

OK…we really don’t want to beat a dead horse here…but all future brides and grooms out there really need to consider doing a “first look” on your wedding day.  It gives so much more freedom and time WITHOUT stress of hurrying from one place to the next and allows us to capture those perfect wedding photos that you guys want to cherish for a life time.  Not to mention, it gives you guys a few private moments with each other before the craziness of everyone else fighting for you attention comes.  This is such a sweet time that so far, ALL of couples that have chosen this route have deeply cherished and would not have changed or traded for anything.  So if you have questions about it, just ask us!  We’ll be more than happy to walk you through exactly how it is done!

With that said, we will now show you proof of how awesome “first look” pictures turn out!

Downtown Louisville Wedding PhotographerStarks Building Wedding PhotographerStarks Building Wedding PhotographyKentucky Wedding PhotographyKentucky Wedding PhotographerLouisville Wedding PhotographerLouisville Wedding Photography

This building was perfect for Lana and Clayton.  We mean how fun is this place?

New Albany Wedding Photography22Southern Indiana Wedding Photography

You two are fabulous…just are.

Louisville Wedding PhotographyLouisville Wedding Photographer

OK…we know there is not a girl out there who won’t think the next two pictures are crazy, sexy, hot!  What girl out there, doesn’t want her man to “teach” her how to play pool?!?!?!  And guys, we know you hope this NEVER happens to you all…..riiiiiiiiiiiiight!

Indiana Wedding PhotographyIndiana Wedding Photographer

Even considering that it was FA-REEZING outside these two troopers allowed us a few short minutes out in the cold and we hope after seeing these…they will be so glad they did.  These may be among some of our favorite shots of all time!  (PS…Lana, your wrap…AMAZING.)

Downtown Wedding PhotographersDowntown Wedding PhotographyWedding Photography

The first dance is always one of our favorite parts of the day.  It is where the couple, finally married, just relax into each other’s arms for the first time as husband and wife and no matter how many people are staring at them, all they see is one another.  It is beautiful!

Wedding Photographer

Apparently, Clayton and his boys have this little tradition they do at weddings.  They grab the mic from the DJ, and their iPhone, (so as not to forget the lyrics!) and belt out at the top of their lungs, “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.”  This moment may have been one of our reception highlights of the year!

Fun Wedding Photographers

And finally, you may have recognized Lana before.  She has appeared on this blog a couple of times now, outside of their engagement pictures.  She is Jenna’s sister, (of Jenna and Brian) who was Casey’s (of Casey and Adam) maid of honor.  We have had such a blast getting to know these three couples!  We now need them to keep the referrals coming in, just so we can see them more!  We have gotten used to every couples of months getting to spend the day with them and we are just not ready for that to end!  So here is one big group shot!  We love you guys!

Fun Wedding Photography

Louisville, KY and New Albany, IN

So we know this was a long post, but there was just no way we could slim down any more of these pics!  Lana and Clayton are a phenomenal couple and we just had to show as much as we could of them to you guys….hope you didn’t mind.  And we guess if you’re reading this…you made it through!  😉

Lana and Clayton, we could not say more about you two.  We have absolutely adored getting to know you guys.  We are so proud that we ended our wedding season of 2009 with your wedding!  It could not have been a more perfect ending to a perfect year.  You guys are awesome people that we hope to continue to see often.  We would love the honor of calling you friends.  For now, enjoy Cancun for your honeymoon, and we will talk soon after!  Happy Marriage!

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