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The first wedding of 2015 is in the books and we couldn’t have been more excited to start the year off with anyone other than Hailey and Charlie!  These two are just simply the best.  Hailey is a GORGEOUS girl who is thoughtful, caring, funny, sweet, and puts everyone else ahead of herself.  Charlie is just a salt of the earth, great guy.  He’s a hard-working, easy-going, HILARIOUS, you-just-want-to-hang-out-with-this-dude-because-he’s-awesome kind of guy!  After I shot their engagement session I was quickly counting the days until their wedding day would finally arrive…so in early January, we dusted off the gear from our holiday break and started snapping some amazing pictures of this perfect couple on their wedding day.  I hope they love them!

We knew the weather in January could be a risk, and it started off looking like it was going to be quite the rainy day!  But Hailey was totally prepared and wasn’t going to let a few drops from the sky ruin her day!

In my opinion, you just can’t beat a classic lace wedding gown.  They are timeless and just beautiful.  And Hailey totally was a knock-out in hers!

From her dress, to the flowers, to her shoes, to the rings, every detail of Hailey’s ensemble was just breathtaking!

Confession:  I know brides fear too much wind on their wedding day, but C’MON…as a photographer….I kind of LOVE IT!  Look at this girl!

Hailey has the best smile ever.

The first moment of the first look!

When these two are together, everything in the world is right.  You see that too, right?  That’s not just me is it?

I love how these two look at each other.

Charlie is such a stud.

Sweet momma moment!

This group was so much fun.  Gorgeous, silly, AWESOME!  Adopt me as your friend, k?

Mr. & Mrs.

Fun version of the newlywed game that they played.  Definitely some memorable moments!

By far my favorite part of the day was their first dance.  These two were completely locked away in their own world for a short three and half minutes.  They didn’t care that the room was filled with their family and friends all watching them.  All they saw was each other.  It was so sweet to watch them realize they were husband and wife and the rest of their lives had just begun.  You two are completely adorable!

So sweet together.

Normally the bouquet and garter toss are events you have to drag people to the floor on…not so here!!!  These ladies and gents were going 100% to secure their prize!

So.Much.Dancing.  So.Much.Fun!

Thank you guys so much for having us be a part of your perfect day!  We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you guys!

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