Casey & Adam: MARRIED!

We had been looking forward to this day for soooooo long!  We loved both Casey and Adam from the first time we met them.  Then after we shot their engagement session, we knew we had found a perfect fit, and from that point on were counting down the days until their June wedding!  Finally the day arrived and things could not have played out more perfectly.  While Casey and Adam were careful to make sure every detail was done just right, it was obvious that the one thing that these two cared most about was the fact that at the end of the day…they would be married.  That was the most important detail, and wow, they nailed that one!

We had such a hard time narrowing down pics for this blog entry, so while this one may be a little longer than most…we think you will agree that it is well worth your time!  We hope through these pics you can catch just a glimpse of how AWESOME this couple is!

The guys went out golfing while the girls were back getting all beatuified.  So…of course, we were there too!

New Albany, Wedding Photographer

that’s right Adam…this is the “turning point” of your life!  😀

New Albany, Wedding Photographer

Oh, you want to see some of those gorgeous details we were talking about?  Just check out this dress and the rings!  WOWZA!

New Albany, Wedding PhotographerNew Albany, Wedding Photographer

OK…we know you guys have heard us talk about carefree brides before but, Casey, puts them all to shame!  Jenna, the maid of honor, (and who’s wedding we are shooting next month) was touching up Casey’s make-up before we got started shooting, when she ALMOST applied lip gloss to Casey’s eyes!  Casey never said a single word, just slowly kept leaning away.  Thank goodness, Jenna realized what she was doing before it was too late, and finally got the lip gloss in the right place!  It was hilarious to watch!

New Albany, Wedding Photographer

Talk about breath-taking….

New Albany, Wedding PhotographerNew Albany, Wedding PhotographerNew Albany, Wedding Photographer

Casey and Adam chose to see each other before the ceremony.  Now don’t get us wrong, we do love the classic tradition of waiting for that big moment right when you walk down the aisle.  There will always be something timeless about that.  However…as photographers we LOVE LOVE LOVE when couples choose to meet and take photos before the wedding.  It just allows for so much freedom to get tons of those great shots without having to worry about being in a hurry to get to the reception.  We also request that for the first little bit, that it be only us and the couple.  So, this may be one of the few times that it is just you and your soon to be spouse.  This method can be just as special and unique.  Just thought we would give all of you future brides something to consider!!!

The next few pics are from their first look and from those first few minutes we got with them while no one else was around!

New Albany, Wedding PhotographerNew Albany, Wedding PhotographerNew Albany, Wedding PhotographerNew Albany, Wedding PhotographerNew Albany, Wedding Photographer

Finally:  Mr. & Mrs.

New Albany, Wedding Photographer

Casey, Adam, 20 something bridal party members (yes your read that right), and us all piled onto the party bus to get the festivities started a little early!  There was drinking, there was dancing, and there are definitely memories we will never forget!  Thanks for letting us tag along!

New Albany, Wedding PhotographerNew Albany, Wedding Photographer

The reception was the ultimate finish to their amazing day.  Their family and friends did not disappoint either.  There was some serious movin’ and shakin’ out on the floor this night.  We hope you guys had the time of your lives.  We certainly did!

New Albany, Wedding PhotographerNew Albany, Wedding PhotographerNew Albany, Wedding Photographer

New Albany, IN

The ceremony was held at Casey and Adam’s home church of Graceland Baptist.  It was decorated perfectly, and was probably the only place big enough to hold all of their family and friends.  The reception then moved to Kye’s.  Everything from the catering to the DJ made this a perfect party.  We highly recommend either of these two places to any future couple who would like a elegant wedding and a slammin’ party!

We always say that we have the BEST jobs in the entire world.  We get to see couples be in love, plan amazing, gorgeous weddings, and party with them ’til the sun comes up….what could be better?  And Casey and Adam just solidified that thought for us all over again.  These two were so incredible to be around, and everyone around them just seemed to catch that smile that they couldn’t contain.  Casey, you truly were a breath-takingly beautiful bride, and Adam, we truly appreciate the man that you are and the amazing husband that we know you will be to Casey.  You two light up every room you walk in, and not just on your wedding day, every day.  Thank you guys so much for letting us be a part of something so special.  We thank you for the opportunity to now call you two friends.

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Cathy and David - July 9, 2009 - 3:26 pm

OKAY SERIOUSLY. Shots in the Limo are our fav! 🙂 You should make those bigger so we can drool over them more! 🙂

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