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We have been looking forward to this day almost as long as these two had.  Jenna First contacted us over two years ago to talk about photography for their wedding that wasn’t until 2011.  At first…not going to lie, we thought she was a little bit crazy.  But lucky for us, she wouldn’t let us go, booked us, and began what became a beautiful friendship.  I was so glad to see everything go so perfectly for these two.  (of course, Jenna had made an 11 page timeline to hand out to everyone broken down by each individual person as to where and how they were supposed to be and exactly when!)  So maybe it was no surprise that everything was perfect.  In fact, Jenna’s brother actually teased her that the time line was great except for she hadn’t built in time for bathroom breaks!  Jenna is super organized, and we love working with brides who are so on the ball…so the day went to absolute perfection!

There were so many special things about their day.  This month happens to be the 100 month anniversary of them dating.  (Impressive, but leaves us wondering what took Brandon so long!)  These two are absolute best friends and would give up the world for each other.  Sacrifice isn’t really a sacrifice for these two as long a they go through life together.  They compliment each other perfectly.  I loved going through these images, because as you’ll see, there is such contentment on their faces.  When they are in each other’s arms, the whole world could pass them by and they would never know it.  They are perfectly wrapped up in one another.  They adore, respect and love each other perfectly.  We could all take a lesson in how perfect their love is and stive to have a little bit of their fire in our own lives.

Please enjoy these.  We had a wonderful day with you guys and hope that the decision you made more than two years ago to hire us as photographers paid off!  Love you both!




Just part of the 11 page timeline!  Told you this girl was on it!




Somewhere in the middle of the “getting dressed” time slot, Jenna made it known that this was the 2 year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death.  Then she proceeded to tell us she was a “large” MJ fan.  Not big, not huge…but LARGE fan.  We laughed…a lot.  So go on girl….claim your large title, wear it proudly, and dance it up!




Jenna is ridiculously beautiful.  Absolutely gorgeous!








Hello hotness!  Seroiously, Brandon, are you a model for tuxes in your spare time?!?!




That look of contentment I was talking about….told ya!  You can almost feel the love radiating out of these two.




Brides…never fear colored shoes!  It adds a pizzazz of personality to your ensemble.  Grooms, feel free to indulge as well!




4 flower girls 4 and under = cuteness overload!




Sometimes we get a little silly when doing bridal party photos!




The look on Brandon’s face is perfection!




Get down with yo’ bad selves!






HAIR AND MAKE-UP:  Tranz4mationz Salon

CEREMONY:  Eastside Christian Church


CANDY BUFFET:  Sweet & Swanky Candy Buffet

FIRST DANCE:  You and Me, Dave Matthew Band

DJ SERVICES: Complete Music

Southern Indiana

Thank you guys again so much for this day.  Thank you for pushing us to be better photographers.  Thank you for allowing us to meet your phenominal families.  Thank you for inspiring everyone around you.  Thank you for inspiring us.  Thank you for being perfectly you.

Your wedding was perfection, I’m sure the rest of your lives will be the same!  We can’t wait to watch it happen!

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