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If this wedding is any indication of how well these two will handle life together….their marriage will be one of the happiest, sweetest, although eventful, marriages ever!  Tight timelines, bad storms,  and power outages in the middle of the ceremony, forcing a candlelit service, was just a tiny few of the obstacles Bob and Lally were forced to deal with on their wedding day.  And while I’m 100% sure this isn’t the way they or their families dreamed it would be, they weathered everything with such grace, smiles on thier faces, laughing and holding hands the entire way.  I am so proud to be a part of witnessing something that extraordinary.  While most couples would let those things defeat them, these two refused to let it distract them from the most important reason for the day in the first place.  I loved seeing how these two adored each other and were so excited to be getting married, that all this little stuff didn’t matter!  Thanks guys for reminding us all what weddings are really all about!


Their lovely little day started out at The Galt House.  Some gorgeous details, lots of laughter, and a fun trolley ride sure started this day out just right!

PS….it never ever can be too bad of a day, no matter the circumstances, when your bride your shooting is this stunning.  In a word…flawless.


A cute little trolley to provide transportation for the day?  Why yes, I do think that is a FABULOUS idea!

St. Boniface is GORGEOUS!  I’m kind of a little jealous my wedding wasn’t in a place this beautiful!

Seriously girl, you are unbelievably beautiful.

Love these first few moments of joy, excitement, and fun of “the walk”.  (down the aisle.)

Mind you, these were taken right before the power went out!

Then…boom…all lights…all gone.  But the fun little intimate shots we were still able to snag, personally they may be some of my favorite ever!

See, even with no power, and crazy unpredictable circumstances, these two could not be more excited about the vows they just took and the start of the rest of their lives together!

The clouds parted for just a few minutes, so we ran outside for a quick little session.  And these two sure no how to make the most out of just a few minutes!  Love these next few images!

How phenominal are these details?  They created an outstandingly beautiful environment fo gorgeous pics the rest of the night!

(PS…cake was made by Phlen’s bakery, but decorated by Lally’s uncle and enhanced with flowers from Lally’s Dad’s own garden!  HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?)

One of the sweetest first dances and parents dances ever!  I love how passionately you guys do everything!  It’s fun to see!

Now that’s how you smash a cake!

Once the band got rockin’ (and a little alcohol got flowin’… =D )  This party took off!  Seriously, don’t you wish you were friends with these people?!?!?!

Can I just come to all of your guys’ parties?  If for nothing else to see more of Bob’s Air Guitar!


This last shot is so simple, but honestly one of my favorites.  It is a perfect example of how no matter what was going on throughout the day, good or bad, these two kept smiling and adoring each other all night long.  It’s was a perfect kind of love that I hope you guys always keep.

Getting Ready Location:  The Galt House

Hair:  James Eckart of Studio 151 (friend of the bride)

Make-up:  Carrie Lentz, (friend of the bride)

Ceremony:  St. Boniface Catholic Church

Reception:  The Olmsted

Band:  Atlanta Party Band

Florist:  Charlie Miller of Flower Studio and Gifts

Videographer:  Two Rings Wedding Videos

Wedding Coordinator:  Amanda Walukas

Trolley Transportation Services:  Miller Transportation

Louisville, KY

I’m so in love with everything about this wedding day.  The details, your friends, your families, and most of all you guys and how much you love each other.  We were beyond honored to be chosen by you guys to be a part of something so special.  And while I’m sure the day did not go exactly how you pictured it in your dreams, in my opinion, it was still perfect, still beautiful, and still an awesome celebration of love between to amazing people.  Congratulations you guys, may the rest of your lives be as eventful, and may you always walk through it all hand in hand!

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