Austin & Lauren: MARRIED! | Louisville Wedding Photography

We have been waiting it seems like forever for this wedding!  After shooting their e-session, which you can see, HERE, you may remember why we were so excited for this day to finally get here.

Lauren is a gorgeous, funny, intelligent, generous, kind, sweet lady who could not be more self-less.  Even on her wedding day she was busy checking to make sure that everyone else was doing OK.  I love that about her spirit.  Their future kids will one day shine because of their gentle momma!  We just love being around you girl!

And Austin could not be a more perfect fit for Lauren.  He is the perfect image of a southern gentleman.  He is definitely all man…he likes his ball caps, his boots, and hunting.  But when it comes to boy-ish charm, good manners, and a big ol’ heart that beats to make Lauren happy….this guy’s got it all!  No wonder she fell in love with this guy!  A man who can kill snakes, hunt dinner, and buy her flowers and make her smile all at the same time….who doesn’t want that?!?!?

Anyway, we just adore you two and spending the day watching you two say your vows and commit forever to each other in front of all of your friends and family was truly our honor.  We wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else!  Hope you guys love these!

Pretty sure Austin thinks we are ridiculous….but hey…if it get’s this smile outta you, I’ll do it every time!

You’re a stud.  Period.

Meanwhile, Lauren could not have looked more beautiful.

Love your colors, love your smile, love you!

I’ve said it on this blog several times, and I’ll say it a million more times.  You simply can not beat the raw emotions that come out during a first look. I know, understand and can respect traditions, but when I see pics like this, that let you grab ahold of each other and just bask in this perfect moment, and I know you will cherish these pics for a lifetime….I say forget the traditions….get this REAL LIFE STUFF!

See…we have fun!

I just love you two together.

BOOM!  Lauren you are breath-taking.

Our favorite moments of the day was the split second that happened after we told you guys to kiss, hug, pose, etc.  You guys just had these great moments of laughter, sweetness, intimacy, and tenderness.  It was awesome!

I think I like this new tradition…guys carrying the bouquets, girl’s lookin’ tough…think it’ll catch on?!?!?


And simply because we couldn’t resist the light, or the setting at Wildwood, we squeezed in just a few more pics before the newest couple was introduced!  So glad we did!

One super awesome bridal party….you guys should rent out your friends to other couples getting married!


Gorgeous Details = Gorgeous Reception!

And I think it’s going to be a safe bet to say: “And they lived happily ever after!”

Hair:  Twisted Salon

Church:  St. Francis Xavier

Reception/Catering:  Wildwood Country Club

DJ:  Complete Music

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