Alex & Alisha: MARRIED!

YES! YES! YES! YES!  I am finally ready to show you guys these pics!  I really think this may be some of our best work yet!  I am not going to spend a lot of time yapping up here in the beginning, because I want you guys to see every awesome little bit about Alex and Alisha!  So onto the pics!!!!!

How FREAKING hillarious are these shirts?!?!?!  That is actually a funny pic we took from their engagement session and we think they found the perfect use for it!  Alisha…your family ROCKS!!!

And these shoes?!?!?  AYKM?!?!?  Girl, you got some serious style!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….This is how every girl should react when putting on their wedding dress!  LOOOOOOOOOVE THIS!

YYYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSS!  Wedding day had finally arrived!

Alisha….there are not enough words to describe how beautiful you are.  I could try, but no matter what I say it would pail in comparison.  I can honestly say for one of the few times in my life…I AM SPEECHLESS.  So excuse my lack of compliments…just know that I am confident that I wouldn’t be able to even come close to describing how stunning you were, so I am going to let the pics speak for themselves!

So there are about a million and four reasons why couples should elect to do “first look’s.”  But especially when a couple is getting married and having the reception at the same venue.  You all know how impossible it is to get away once everyone gets there.  This way you go ahead and knock out some awesome photos with NO STRESS about time crunches, and you will LOVE the results…TRUST ME!

See, just look at the AMAZING photos we were able to snag of these two!

(I can just imagine the thoughts going through Alex’s mind when he was checking out his gorgeous bride for the first time here!)

I love you guys.  It is honestly humbling, inspiring, and beautiful to watch you two love each other.


Alex is our first groom to do a bow tie…..I say….STUD ALERT!  Seriously…not many guys can pull that one off, but you not only pulled it off….you redefined what good looking in a tux is!!!!

If you’re looking for a place to get married….WHITE HALL…is it!!!  This place is full of non-stop inspiration and beauty.

If you need a little inspiration about what to do with those engagement pics….here’s an idea!

I don’t think Alisha was able to stop smiling all day!!!  Check out the gusto of this bouquet toss!

Love this little moment from the first dance!

The perfect good-bye, good-luck, happy-wedding send off!

Louisville, KY

You guys are AWESOME!  We love being around you two.  You inspire everyone around you to love a little more passionately.  We are also pleased to be at the place where we feel like we can call you friends.  You two are beautiful on the inside and out and just seeing everything come together on this best day of your lives couldn’t have made us any happier.  We wish you two a lifetime of happiness and seeing more of your dreams come true.  Thanks for choosing us….we’re so glad we got to see what true love is all about!

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