Abby & Joshua: MARRIED!!!!!

Wow.  When we first met Abby & Josh at their very first client meeting we walked away with a huge smile on our face.  This was a couple who really knew what marriage was all about.  They were not concerned with all the little details that bog down so many Brides and Grooms and can sometimes end up ruining their day when things don’t go right.  Abby and Josh only cared about one thing:  that at the end of the day…they would be married; forever, ’til death do they part.  And you could see it written all over them.

*Photographer’s note:  Never rule out the possibilities!  We were not sure when we first arrived at the church where we were going to do the pre-wed shots when Brian and Eric stumbled across the awesome little, red, run-down, barn across the street from the church….and oh, what a gem it turned out to be!  So always keep your eyes peeled for creative locations.  Hope you love ’em!

how do you spell “stud?”  The answer….JOSHUA!


Abby:  you are one of the most STUNNING brides we have ever had the privilege of shooting.


Abby had her baby bracelet with her in her boquet.  So we borrowed it for some fun little details.


Do not look at the next few pictures if you are offended by genuine, true, deep, fun, passionate, real love.


Yes, those are train tracks.  Yes, Abby and Joshua are awesome!


blue shoes? LOVE! 😀



Louisville, KY

Abby & Joshua:  You guys were an inspiration.  We loved watching you guys laugh, snuggle, smile, kiss, interact, and love each other all day.  You guys were totally focused on being in love.  You did a wonderful job of planning all the little details that were simply beautiful in every little way.  But none of that mattered when you two laid eyes on each other.  Your tears and your smiles just showed how much you guys had been waiting and praying for this day to get here, and it truly was an honor to witness it.  Thanks for having us there.  And thanks…for being you!


Dear all future bridal parties we will be shooting,

Please, please, please, go for the bouquet like this!  This girl was fierce!!!!  Look at this intensity!  And guys, I want to see some fight in those eyes for that garter!





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Sandi Hawks - June 7, 2009 - 7:10 am

The photos are phenominal! I am in awe! Can’t wait to see the rest! Everyone that has seen the blog or the facebook page has said “WOW”! Thanks so much for caring so much to make my baby’s wedding a beautiful memory!
Sandi Hawks-mother of the bride 🙂

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