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I love fun, sweet, emotional, crazy, hilarious, love-filled weddings.  Everything from this wedding was just simple perfection.  There was so much joy, laughter and fun at this wedding coming from everywhere!  The bride and groom, while the spotlight of the day, were just two factors in this beautiful day.  Their families have long prayed for this day.  They have spent hours praying for their kids individually, but probably just as many hours on their knees praying for them as a couple and for their future daughter/son-in-law.  Stephen and Carli’s friends are just the cream of the crop.  They mostly all have been friends since early childhood and have been with each other through good times, hard and challenging times, and have tons of fun stories to share!  This wedding was just a gorgeous celebration that honored God in every way possible.  I love all of these images.  They don’t come near to doing this day justice, but I hope they at least make everyone involved smile.  Enjoy friends!  

Stephen, Carli, their family and friends put so much thought into every detail of this wedding.  Gorgeous stuff, EVERYWHERE!

These girls.  Only the best group of girls assembled on the planet!


Carli gave her new mother-in-law, Kim, a corsage bracelet that had a baby picture of Stephen on it.  This moment…seriously one of the sweetest I’ve ever seen.

I have said several times that there is something at every wedding that usually brings me to tears.  THIS was it.  Mark is an unbelievably caring, loving and GREAT dad!  Carli, wanted to do a first look with her dad.  She had kept her dress hidden for a year, so when Mark saw his oldest baby girl for the first time in her beautiful, white gown…he lost it.  And we did to.  So I hope these photos are good…we had a hard time shooting through our crying!

Carli.  You are crazy gorgeous.  Your smile. Your eyes.  But more importantly, your kind, gentle, sweet spirit, is just beautiful.

Stop it.

How adorable, right?!  I love that she took her perfect idea from their engagement session and brought it over to her wedding day too!

I love getting to know our bridal parties, and laughing with them.  But we had the privilege of already knowing a few of them ahead of time, so after we got to meet the other incredible girls, I think this group of girls maybe elevated to our favorite bridemaids in the history of ever!

Stephen and Carli didn’t want to do a first look, but still wanted to share a moment before the ceremony.  So we went with the “first touch.”  They were able to hold hands, talk, exchange gifts and pray together.  It was such a sweet moment.  I’m glad I got to see it!

Are these guys stud’s or what?!

Carli, you totally scored a hottie!

Stephen really is an incredible guy.  He loves Jesus and is so excited to lead his family.  He is funny, thoughtful, kind, generous, and smart.  We’re glad to say we know him!

Nothing like the love a momma has for her boys!

We love when couples pray before the big moment.

Such a great group!

GAH!  Love these two!

Toasts. Made-up Songs. Laughing til it hurts.  Such a great reception.

Back to back AMAZING parent dances!

Carli and Mark and an amazing surprise choreographed routine.  HYSTERICAL!

SO. MUCH. DANCING.             SO. MUCH. FUN!

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joy brown - August 19, 2014 - 3:33 pm

Stunning pictures! Beautiful wedding and extraordinary couple… talented photographer! Blessings to all 🙂

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